Friday, April 10, 2009

Give Me A Head With Hair

Hair Poster 
You know when you're so happy, that you can actually feel yourself grinning?  Okay, so my childhood wasn't spent on psychedelics  in Central Park, yet, there is something so home-y about watching Hair that makes me smile. I recently went to see the remake of Hair on Broadway.  One of my mom's many talents is that she can single-handedly perform every song from Hair from memory, so needless to say she was jumping and groovin' out of her seat and into the aisle the entire time. The show itself was incredible, especially because I'm so inspired by flower power culture and youth of the 1960's. Seriously, I am pretty happen with my life right now, but if I could live at any other time, I'd want to be a teenager in 1964 and onwards into the early 1970's. Besides the amazing overture, the show was a little sad but the overall feel is full of adolescence. Taking place in the sixties, when ensembles were bold and free, everything about the show was beautifully done, bringing to mind The Beatles-inspired movie, Across the Universe. It was amazing to see it with my mom and a room full of other people who actually lived through the time period depicted. The best part for me, that was slightly different than when I saw the movie, was seeing the characters come to life off the stage and dance into the audience. One trio of dancers tried to get Barbara Walters to dance along with them but she was NOT into it hehehe


  1. I loooove lotus root! I've never had lotus root chips though. Hmmm.
    That restaurant sounds cool and I've never been.

  2. Dear Gotham Hipster,
    You are a fabulously creative writer!! Keep posting about interestingly adorable vintage stores because I need to know wher to look for fabulous finds!! I know you have such a great and similar style so I trust you, no pressure, jkjkjkjk :)!!

  3. btw wen i clicked next blog i thought i was clicking next post and it took me to a spanish blog with the title Juliana jus making you aware ILY


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