Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fairydust and Splashes of Ink

What better way to spend an afternoon than wearing fairy wings and devouring tea sandwiches? Though not new to Manhattan, Alice's Tea Cup continues to enchant me every time I’m within its five block radius. Although I didn’t have time to sip my favorite chilled Harmony tea, I ordered stat takeout of their pumpkin and peanut butter chocolate chip scones with cream and preserves on the side. After my yummy afternoon, I made my way down Lexington to the Society of Illustrators located on 63rd between Park and Lexington. The day’s outing was built around their current exhibit, "The Line of Fashion."

Illustration done by Robert Fontanelli entitled "Chanel Air Kiss."

From the moment I entered, I was greeted with a perfectly put Yves Saint Laurent quote on the extinction of fashion illustrations, and the domination of photography: “For ever how much I admire photographers, I have to admit their work is done to the detriment of the design. It is often the background that takes pride of place. In the case of an illustration, it is the opposite. The design is well and truly present.” Each sketch was a truly exuberant example of a side of the fashion industry I’ve never been fully fluent in. These gems are available for purchase by calling: 212-838-2560.

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  1. your the most awesome girll in the whole wide worldd <3
    i love the songs that you put on here. your my life linee (=


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