Monday, April 13, 2009

Nolita Fairytale

 I had been meaning to hit-up the Chinatown stores featured in a September New York Times. However, I was disappointed to find that at least half of them had been closed due to the tanking economy, and the other few, were locked up for Easter. Surely I had to choose to venture on a day when Leelush (29 Ludlow St.) was closed, their 20 dollar rack visible through the marvelous.
 The only store on my list that was open was Coco Fashion on 5-7 Doyers, which is where I took the opportunity to buy a delightful purple and red floral hooded blouse--- the hood gives a quirky spin to the formal structure.

Heading north towards Nolita I stopped at the ultimate sweet tooth pleasure, Papabubble on 380 Broome St, where they hand make candy rings and miniature gems, all made from unique sugar flavor combinations. Across the street was Exquisite Costume, a name quite fitting. It offers such interesting and high-end vintage pieces that I cannot even begin to fathom where they found them all. Opening Ceremony and Valentino pieces were especially represented, my favorite being a white organza dress with applique flowers between the linings. A mere two doors down is Oro Bakery and Bar, containing plentiful amounts of pretzel rolls, cupcakes, and aura.

The Young Designers Market on Mulberry Street.
As if my discoveries weren’t enough, farther north was the Young Designers Market. Self explanatory, but what you might not expect are the weird odds and ends you will find within. My father bought a shirt depicting monsters, but if you’re slightly less bold then maybe you’d try the shirts displaying superimposed photographs of NYC.
Vintage Flammé coat, MembersOnly pewter velvet leggings, Furla polkadot handbag, vintage beret, and lastly boots by La Canadienne.


  1. trust me-dont waste your money at pinkyotto, its not worth it

  2. you are beautiful!


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