Sunday, May 17, 2009

West Side Story

After running numerous errands, I built up an appetite and made my way towards the Chelsea Market. Once inside, I had yummy Thai food at Chelsea Thai Wholesale, where the food always tastes so pure and fresh (today's meal consisted of glass noodles with shrimp and fried tofu). After lunch, I wandered through my usual favorites: Eleni’s NYC, Fat Witch, the Nicole Farhi boutique, and Ninth Street Espresso.

The glorious Fat Witches
Next door to Eleni's sits possibly my favorite brownie establishment. It certainly has a plentiful amount of choices. Java Witch (with cappuccino chips), Red Witch (with dried cherries), Caramel Witch (with ummm caramel?) just to name a few.

The Ninth Street Espresso bar has an incredible selection of coffees from all over the world. The only downsides to the place are the lines and lack of seating.


  1. that cuppy cake looks yum!

  2. yum yumm cupcakess


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