Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Blueberry soda (???) and my fantastic dip-dyed canvas Miu Mius

By far the best granola I've ever tried!

To be a locavore, one must eat and buy foods produced within their area. A lot of times doing the best thing for the environment doesn’t seem convenient, accessible, or economical. But making the switch is a lot easier (and tastier!) than it seems. By going to your local farmer’s market you support local farmers, while helping the environment....I sound like an infomercial but it's true. In coastal Maine, my family and I discovered a very interesting farmer’s market that had “dessert hummus” (it sounds gross, but I promise it wasn’t) and the very best pickles. There was even a stand with blueberry soda, something I now look forward to each vacation.


  1. During my recent trip to York, Maine, I visited the Gateway Farmer's Market. Hubba Hubba Granola and spices were the BEST ever.


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