Sunday, September 6, 2009


Topshop crop top, American Apparel skirt, canvas shoes, vintage western-style belt.
Before we know it we’re back in our familiar routines, prepped for back-to-school chaos, watching our favorite trees’ leaves plummet to the ground, and winter bells are ringing all too soon. So to salvage my last summer days, we drove upstate where all sense of time is lost. The local church thrift shop was certainly a place of unexpected fashion delights. Within their many racks a circa 80’s black-on-black polka dot tuxedo dress was waiting to be purchased for a measly 2 dollars!
 Polka-dot tuxedo dress, canvas shoes, and vintage belt.

The rest of our stay was filled with oodles of cupcakes, confits, and macarons.
But what would be summer without catching the end of the Barney’s Warehouse Sale? This year I bought highly discounted blue pebbly leather, Free Lance Paris buckled boots. There's still time! the sale ends tomorrow but beware, only those who can handle fighting for their clothes and extremes crowds should enter.


  1. i hope u know that you have one of the awesome blogs around
    keep posting!

  2. you're absolutely adorable. keep up the great posts. :D

  3. I found your blog just 5 min ago and I love it!
    Hope to read more of this great entries by you ‹3
    Keep going on!

    by Z.

  4. Those boots have been on my mind for a while since you posted this...unusual and I really love them. Also this inspired me to try macaroons for the first time in my 17 years - THANK YOU!


  5. lovely pictures (l)
    News on daily-women, the blog of two french fashionistas :) come on and see us. see ya.



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