Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

For lunch I had the pleasure of eating Little Giant's "Giant Grafton Mac & Cheese."
Underneath all the obvious cuteness of Babycakes NYC (cheery pink everything, and cute little uniforms), there is somewhat of a redeeming nutritional value. The objective of owner Erin McKenna was to form a fan base for consumers looking for organic alternatives, while still keeping dessert tasty. Not only are her treats delectable, but she makes her bakery a home for those who have gluten allergies. White sugar is never used in the bakery; it's replaced with Agave syrup (from cactus).
The homeland of Real Housewife of New York, Jill Zarin.
But more importantly than what’s in her delights is how they taste. My mom and I bought the lemon and Vanilla Spelt cupcake, with the adorable pink frosting. The consistency of the cupcakes is thicker than your typical cupcake. I savored every moment in the Lower East Side shop, consumed by the sweet aroma. Everything about the experience was pleasurable: the smell of the shop, the cheerful workers, the splendid pink d├ęcor, and of course the appetizing samples. It’s a neighborhood I don’t frequently go to, but I have found plenty of mouth-watering reasons to return.


  1. i've heard and read so much about babycakes and hope to visit nyc to get a taste of these delights some day. great pics!

  2. oh yummy!
    im hungry just looking at those cupcakes :)
    love the pictures!

  3. i love babycakes! i got one after work one day and that was it.

  4. Ooooh, need to try these! They look lovely!

  5. I love Babycakes icing but I find the cupcakes a little crumbly. Not that it stops me from eating often enough.

    Strangely, I know people who think the icing is too thick and creamy. Those people are insane.

  6. i was in new york for a week over new years (NOT on times square, thank god - too cold!) and i really wanted to visit babycakes but got too caught up vintage shopping in brooklyn & greenwich village...


  7. great idea to photo the business card! that way there's no misinformation or copyright bullshit!


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