Monday, February 23, 2009

For The Brave Few

As a conscientious New Yorker, its my job to know how to beat the inflated New York prices and find the underground steals. Sometimes, that means literally underground. This one isn't exactly a secret. A lot of New Yorkers will tell you that the sample sale event they choose to brave is The Barney's Warehouse Sale. And, there is some hope for the brave souls who are willing to pilfer for coveted clothing. Cat fights your thing? I do hope so, because then The Barney’s Warehouse Sale is for you. The Barney’s Warehouse is located on West 17th street, between 8th and 7th avenues. Lucky for us! The Barney’s Warehouse sale comes twice a year; February and then again in late August. Okay, so I know that I am making braving the Barney's Warehouse Sale like a life or death matter, but IT CAN BE DANGEROUS! There is no dressing room, which means that people will get naked literally anywhere. I usually wear something simple, such as black leggings and a tank top to make changing easier. But I mean, after all, their slogan is "JOIN THE FRENZY." They're feeding the crazy! It's not that hard to give a curtain for a dressing room, Barney's!

A little trick of the trade: While others are sifting through the RTW designer section, head down to the men’s floor. In past years, I’ve scored men’s cashmere sweaters which are now some of my most utilitarian pieces.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Welcome To My Blog!

Hi! My name is Emma and this is my blog. I was born and raised (am still being raised), in New York City. For a while I've wanted to start a blog. Ideally, someday, I'd like to be the editor-in-chief of a style/art magazine, where I can continue to reform the idea, that to be in fashion you don't have to be a trendmonger/bitch/materialistic person. I started this blog because I've yet to come across one about being a New Yorker from a teenage perspective. Hopefully, this will be a window through which you can see all the reasons why I <3 New York and the things that inspire. And with that, hopefully, share some of your stories with me, too!
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