Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Parisian Interlude

Velvet Opening Ceremony skirt, Cole Haan wooden heeled ankle boots, Karl Lagerfeld for Hanes DIY shirt.

My first Saturday morning back in New York City was glorious skirt weather. The only thing stopping me from going out into the warm breeze was a quick DIY and the fact that wrapping myself in my bed blanket is like a giant snuggle I never want to get out of. But, time to get to business. For the shirt, I made an incision to the right arm of my Karl Lagerfeld for Hanes t-shirt, (funds raised from the shirt benefit Cancer research) cutting it so that it went from long-sleeved winter ready, to an off the shoulder all-season-friendly top. I’ll admit, I have an unhealthy obsession with cutting up my clothes; I adore wearing the shirt backwards to reveal the sketch of Karl in the front instead of the back. So I was decked out in my newly-cut shirt, favorite velvet skirt from Opening Ceremony, suede heeled boots, and my Anna Sui coat bought on super sale at Anthropologie.
 My creation made from a plastic frame, Teen Vogue spread, Dior perfume ad, and an old Thank You note card.

Lately I can't stop wishing I lived in the music video for Lily Allen’s song, "The Fear." Today I was listening to it as I foraged through the mounds of junk in my hall closet, until I found something of interest, a clear plastic frame to be exact. I began searching through my archive of magazines until I found graphics exuded a Parisian-feel, inspired by my recent trip to the Paris Market in Savannah, Georgia. After filling the frame with the cut-outs, I stapled a metal poodle chain to the inside. I'm in the midst of making a collection of these shadowbox collages, but I’ve run out of frames for now (I will post as I make more).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's The Opposite Of Wanderlust?

Free People cashmere skirt, Paris Market shirt, Payless sandals, circa 60s vintage sunglasses
Civvie's vintage plaid shirt, Splendid cardigan, Found jeans.
Mom's loafers, Tibi skirt, Gap shirt.

I never thought I would love Georgia, or rather, found Georgia interesting. This is me being a  jaded New York, I know it, but I also just imagined it being a colony full of blonde Southern Belles eating peaches. That obviously wasn't the case with Savannah, Georgia. In fact, Savannah is one of cutest cities (basically the Southern Gilmore Girls, if you will) I've ever been too, and I can definitely see myself going back one day. Among the places I went to on my trip was a three-story Paula Deen buffet restaurant. Needless to say, that wasn't the best Southern food I had there, but the prospect of seeing Paula Deen ride in a horse made of butter was still priceless (unfortunately, she never showed up). 
1. @Home Vintage General. I felt as if I was in a cross between Ariel the Mermaid’s oceanic den where her “gadgets and gizmos” were kept and the inside of Martha Stewart's magazine. The store was a mixture of bobbles both new and old, each hand-picked to give the a cute just-bought-from-a-fleamarket-vibe. My personal favorite? The cameo necklaces strung together by black velvet.
2. Civvies New & Recycled Clothing. I must say without Civvies my overall opinion of Savannah wouldn't have been the same-- imagine shelves filled with purses and shoes, all under the 25 dollar range. If you’re in of groovy bell-bottoms that your parents wore in the 1970's, this is your hub.
3. The Paris Market. No, I didn’t make a quick stop to the "City of Blinding Lights." But there was, surprisingly, a store which devoted itself to Parisian delights in the South. Sold within this heavenly store, in the midst of West Broughton Street, was jewelry, clothing, house wares, but most importantly, the Paris Market’s cafĂ©. Their Fleur De Lies cookie may have looked like a simple sugar cookie, but it was certainly more complex in its flavors. The setting was serene with French music pounding throughout, as the store is decorated in the style of traditional Parisian shops and cafes.  It was here I enjoyed seltzers infused with unique syrups of my choice. Out of trial and error I conclude Pear & Pistachio, and Pomegranate & Apricot are the two winning combinations.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Velvet Underground

1. Frida Kahlo's "Self-Portrait in a Velvet Dress" Painting
2. Members Only Velvet Leginnings via Urban Outfitters
3. Paz de La Huerta in a full velvet get-up, via WhoWhatWear.com
1. Chloe Fall/Winter 2009 RTW Runway, via Style.com
2. Luella Spring/Summer 2008, via Style.com
3. Christopher Kane Fall/Winter 2007-8, via Style.com

1. Robert di Camerino Velvet Handbag, $1160 via Barney's New York
3. Peace Sign Velvet Flats, $350 via Stubbs & Wooten

For the past couple of seasons, I’ve watched velvet make its comeback, gracing the runways of Ralph Lauren, Anna Siu, Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe, Christopher Kane, the very lovely Luella, and more. This past winter, I went into Barney’s 75% sale and dug up a striking blue velvet Opening Ceremony skirt with a single front pocket--the last one in the store! This began my whole new worship, specifically of the goddess of velvet. I must admit I’m not the only one who is smitten, and for those of you who are currently nodding at the screen, in a silent uproar just thinking about such luscious items, I’ve rummaged through websites to find some velvet just for us.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In The Land Of Vintage

One of Jennifer's scarves and her lavaliere and  Marion's Serenade necklaces.

"Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles," Sonja Henie, an infamous Norwegian figure skater, once said. Jennifer George, a New York jewelry, clothing, and accessories designer (to specify in depth: scarves, necklaces, bracelets, belts, cufflinks, and clothing) can attest to the importance of jewelry. Jennifer creates unique statement pieces that are unlike anything I've seen before. She has a meticulous sense of detail; every inch of her items have been touched with one of her discoveries. Jennifer’s necklaces are composed of oodles of charms, the pieces of which she finds at various flea markets and vintage shows. In this way, no two of her pieces are the same meaning no one can copy yours.

Jennifer George featured in the New York Times
If an even more personalized item seems to be up your alley, then Jennifer is even more so for you. What truly makes the Jennifer George experience as whimsical as it is, is her line of personalized necklaces. Bring her a bag of treasured items, (earrings, cufflinks, your grandmother's ring, beads etc.) so that she can work them into a necklace. Her email address: puffmommy@msn.com  or call her to set up a meeting at 212-724-4461. Her studio is based in her apartment, but even if you don't live in the city get in touch with her via email or phone and you can still send her your items to work with.
Check out her website here

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just Follow The Cobble Road

Today was indubitably the cure to my March tedium. I stepped out in my brown suede ankle boots, finished with wood markings, and my favorite blue tweed and black faux-fur bracelet-length swing coat. My head-to-toe vintage ensemble was perfect for the day’s agenda, shopping excursions in Williamsburg, where wearing clothes worn by old women is a general uniform (kidding but also not kidding). After I had filled myself with a quick-bite of vegan delights (only appropriate for us hipsters, duuuuuuuhz!), I got down to the real mission: thrifty finds, and the Artists & Fleas Fleamarket was the place for just that. Within the indoor flea I found mini vintage boutiques of notoriety.
Step in, Blue Canary Vintage and Monami. Lucky for me, they all happened have sales! 
source: Refinery 29
But my favorite Williamsburg featurette was Malin Landaeus on North 6th Street. I noticed it as the car was pulling away and I immediately went into cardiac arrest when I realized that I had somehow missed it. From their red heart shaped glasses to the floral rompers it makes me go gaga.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Quickest Cure

Nothing could be better for shopping with rewards. Cure Thrift Shop (111 East 12th Street) does just that. The owner of Cure devotes her store to her love of the magic of vintage and to her personal battle with diabetes. While all proceeds from Cure Thrift Shop go towards the Diabetes Research Foundation, that’s not to say the clothes aren’t up to the usual thirft par. Cure carries designers like that of Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, and the lovely Luella. The prices are unbeatable, with sales on some items as little as 5 dollars. Plus, their housewares section always seems to evoke a Jetsons-style living space.  
For more information check out their website!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

An Expanse Of Heaven

I walked into Chikalicious Dessert Club with previous knowledge of its other franchise, Chikalicious Dessert Bar. I had the most delightful experience at their first insallment. The owner and head pastry chef is a petite Asian woman, Chika, who couldn't have been more sweet. The desserts themselves were breathtaking and I felt as if I was in a magical world which I never wanted to leave. When I heard about them opening up a cupcake store across the street (204 E 10th St.), I was ecstatic. From the moment I entered their second shop, again, I was mystified. They had flavors of which I had never had in a cupcake like marshmallow and refreshing caramel shakes to wash them down with. My only recommendation when going to either Chikalicious is don’t wear skinny jeans, they’ll fill up fast :)
Note: I don't own the pictures on this specific blog post
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