Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

 GAP shorts, vintage Missoni clutch, Hartford button-down, vintage 60's pin and glasses.

When walking into the Metropolitan Pavilion (125, 18th street) on April 25th, I was greeted by mounds of iconic vintage Louis Vuitton trunks and furniture. I always feel delightful weather brings me good luck, and today was no exception. It was 83 degrees out and I was entering the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show, said to be “the most fun you will ever have shopping.” How could I resist? Of course I couldn't, because courtesy of their website I scored 5 dollar coupons off the 20 dollar admission fee.
 I ventured in on their second and last day, (their opening day being Friday the 24th) where over 80 vintage venders resided--yes over 80 different vintage shops had set up camp at the pavilion. The show returns October 9th and 10th, February 5th and 6th, then April 23rd & 24th of 2010, so mark you calendars girlies! As I began to snap away at the people and clothing within the massive gathering, I was practically assaulted by a vendor and forced to delete every picture taken. She claimed there was a massive sign in the front directing us to do no such thing, but when I went to verify the statement, I found no such evidence. I will just have to be absolutely creative and describe to you the scene through my words.

Rows of booths with Bakelite bracelets, oodles of unsual eyeglasses, and shoes that challenged gravity filled my view. In addition, never had I seen a more intricate collection of the tweed Chanel suit jacket before. In a vendor's booth from Albany named Daybreak Vintage I found my wardrobe's newest gem, a Moschino Cheap & Chic navy, mustard, and white striped long-sleeved dress. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nolita Fairytale

 I had been meaning to hit-up the Chinatown stores featured in a September New York Times. However, I was disappointed to find that at least half of them had been closed due to the tanking economy, and the other few, were locked up for Easter. Surely I had to choose to venture on a day when Leelush (29 Ludlow St.) was closed, their 20 dollar rack visible through the marvelous.
 The only store on my list that was open was Coco Fashion on 5-7 Doyers, which is where I took the opportunity to buy a delightful purple and red floral hooded blouse--- the hood gives a quirky spin to the formal structure.

Heading north towards Nolita I stopped at the ultimate sweet tooth pleasure, Papabubble on 380 Broome St, where they hand make candy rings and miniature gems, all made from unique sugar flavor combinations. Across the street was Exquisite Costume, a name quite fitting. It offers such interesting and high-end vintage pieces that I cannot even begin to fathom where they found them all. Opening Ceremony and Valentino pieces were especially represented, my favorite being a white organza dress with applique flowers between the linings. A mere two doors down is Oro Bakery and Bar, containing plentiful amounts of pretzel rolls, cupcakes, and aura.

The Young Designers Market on Mulberry Street.
As if my discoveries weren’t enough, farther north was the Young Designers Market. Self explanatory, but what you might not expect are the weird odds and ends you will find within. My father bought a shirt depicting monsters, but if you’re slightly less bold then maybe you’d try the shirts displaying superimposed photographs of NYC.
Vintage Flammé coat, MembersOnly pewter velvet leggings, Furla polkadot handbag, vintage beret, and lastly boots by La Canadienne.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Give Me A Head With Hair

Hair Poster 
You know when you're so happy, that you can actually feel yourself grinning?  Okay, so my childhood wasn't spent on psychedelics  in Central Park, yet, there is something so home-y about watching Hair that makes me smile. I recently went to see the remake of Hair on Broadway.  One of my mom's many talents is that she can single-handedly perform every song from Hair from memory, so needless to say she was jumping and groovin' out of her seat and into the aisle the entire time. The show itself was incredible, especially because I'm so inspired by flower power culture and youth of the 1960's. Seriously, I am pretty happen with my life right now, but if I could live at any other time, I'd want to be a teenager in 1964 and onwards into the early 1970's. Besides the amazing overture, the show was a little sad but the overall feel is full of adolescence. Taking place in the sixties, when ensembles were bold and free, everything about the show was beautifully done, bringing to mind The Beatles-inspired movie, Across the Universe. It was amazing to see it with my mom and a room full of other people who actually lived through the time period depicted. The best part for me, that was slightly different than when I saw the movie, was seeing the characters come to life off the stage and dance into the audience. One trio of dancers tried to get Barbara Walters to dance along with them but she was NOT into it hehehe

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fairydust and Splashes of Ink

What better way to spend an afternoon than wearing fairy wings and devouring tea sandwiches? Though not new to Manhattan, Alice's Tea Cup continues to enchant me every time I’m within its five block radius. Although I didn’t have time to sip my favorite chilled Harmony tea, I ordered stat takeout of their pumpkin and peanut butter chocolate chip scones with cream and preserves on the side. After my yummy afternoon, I made my way down Lexington to the Society of Illustrators located on 63rd between Park and Lexington. The day’s outing was built around their current exhibit, "The Line of Fashion."

Illustration done by Robert Fontanelli entitled "Chanel Air Kiss."

From the moment I entered, I was greeted with a perfectly put Yves Saint Laurent quote on the extinction of fashion illustrations, and the domination of photography: “For ever how much I admire photographers, I have to admit their work is done to the detriment of the design. It is often the background that takes pride of place. In the case of an illustration, it is the opposite. The design is well and truly present.” Each sketch was a truly exuberant example of a side of the fashion industry I’ve never been fully fluent in. These gems are available for purchase by calling: 212-838-2560.
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