Saturday, May 30, 2009

Down By The Meadow

Walking into the East Meadow, I saw the beginnings of what looked like a concert. Trucks were unloading the stage and throughout the park different roped off areas were being staged. Later I found out that this was in fact set-up for the annual Japan Day festival.

American Apparel skirt, vintage Ralph Lauren belt, Duane Reade Hawaiian tote, DIY Hanes crop tank, mom's Aerosoles sandals, vintage 60's glasses
To go along with a care-free summer-like day, dinner was at the Upper West Side's Shake Shack; a New Yorker's necessity. I chose their 'shroom burger which is incredible even for those who aren't vegetarians. What could be better than a fried mushroom intertwined with gooey cheese? Nothing, I tell you. Okay, not everyone loves mushrooms, I suppose, so in a list format here are some other reasons why you must go.
1. The excitement when your remote buzzes telling you your order is ready.
2. The fact that the entire Shake Shack experience is "green", being that the building is fueled by wind power.
3. The custard flavor of the day! Today's was Red Velvet Cake, actual red velvet cake inside.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

West Side Story

After running numerous errands, I built up an appetite and made my way towards the Chelsea Market. Once inside, I had yummy Thai food at Chelsea Thai Wholesale, where the food always tastes so pure and fresh (today's meal consisted of glass noodles with shrimp and fried tofu). After lunch, I wandered through my usual favorites: Eleni’s NYC, Fat Witch, the Nicole Farhi boutique, and Ninth Street Espresso.

The glorious Fat Witches
Next door to Eleni's sits possibly my favorite brownie establishment. It certainly has a plentiful amount of choices. Java Witch (with cappuccino chips), Red Witch (with dried cherries), Caramel Witch (with ummm caramel?) just to name a few.

The Ninth Street Espresso bar has an incredible selection of coffees from all over the world. The only downsides to the place are the lines and lack of seating.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Model As Muse

I was really excited to go to the Metropolitan Museum’s new exhibition, The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion (ending August 9th). The exhibit teleports you back through the decades, starting in 1947 and ending in ‘97. The exhibit is structured so that first each section is depicted through photos of the supermodels representative of the said era, and then mannequins portray the decades with outfits and pounding music to match. As you wander through the time warp, you’ll see the most influential models and photos that have altered to industy to date. Each room features vintage issues of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. You can even see the 1966 issue of British Vogue when Donyale Luna became the first-ever black “Cover Girl.” There is surely something for everyone, whether it be aluminum dresses or exquisite Avedons.

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