Saturday, October 10, 2009

Raiding Closets

The best type of artwork is that which is unexpected.
Imagine yourself in a large open loft-like space with hundreds of racks; color-coordinated in a vintage heaven. This is exactly what Beacon's Closet (88 North 11th street), a local Williamsburg favorite, embodies.Beacon's Closet offers those of us looking to buy, sell, or trade at thrift store prices the opportunity to do so. The items of the day that I couldn't stop going back to: Jeffrey Campbell lace-up heels, RL oversized plaid sweater, a suede and leather checker board patterned jacket, a delicate lavender cashmere sweater featuring a skull on the back, and lastly a fabulously tight retro-inspired cheetah print summer dress. I wish that I had gotten them all, they were all so truly appealing. But lately I've been trying to consolidate my wardrobe and work with the minimums, so I opted just for the heels.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Welcome to your new obsession."

Saturday, October 10th join Cure Thrift Shop in their fall fashion event benefitting the Diabetes Research Insitute. 11-8pm, Chanel, Luella, and YSL vintage pieces that have been collected and saved up all year, will at last be showing up at the East Village shop. For more ways to assist in the quickest cure, click on my post about Cure Thrift Shop!
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