Saturday, November 28, 2009


Clip from Lifetime's Coco Chanel
I finally took time to see Coco Before Chanel, at the Paris Theatre on Friday. Compared to the Lifetime biopic of Coco Chanel with Shirley Maclaine, I felt the movie lacked the spirit and a depiction of Coco's inspiration process; transitioning from her hat business to her acclaimed brand of couture. What the movie did have to offer more so than its predecessor, was the acting and charm of Audrey Tautou. Throughout the entire movie I was lusting after her clothes and how she perfectly blended her masculine and feminine pieces with her wit. In one scene, Coco wears a man’s tailored shirt with a tie, which she meticulously cuts to create a bow.

Having time to spare before the movie began, I paid a visit to the Plaza; a place where my absoloute favorite book, Eloise takes place. Demel, a scrumptious Viennese sweet shop located in midst of the Plaza Hotel, offers pink petit fours that brighten any blustery day. In honor of my beloved Eloise's favorite color, I ordered these rum soaked pink gems.

 Anthony + Mo cashmere "baseball jersey" sweater, BDG jeans from UO, Aerosoles loafers, and a vintage black beret.
Venturing further in the Plaza, we found Eloise's home; a fantasy-land drenched in pink.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rice to Riches

Topshop Miami floral bodycon dress, WinterSilk top, thrift-store gray sneakers, Artistry cashmere scarf, and purse by Coach Legacy.
Guys, does standing in front of this Andy Warhol-inspired grafitti make me his muse?
Rice to Riches' flavors of the day, 37 Spring St.
What better way to celebrate a glorious shopping day in Nolita shopping than at Rice to Riches? Rice to Riches, the all-white mod store devoted to solely rice pudding, changes their flavors and toppings daily. We opted for Chocolate Chip Flirt. It was simply delicious, but even the size meant to be shared between two was plenty for the three of us. Other flavors I recommend: Golden Graham, Eggnog, Stuborn Banana, and Perfectly Legal Pecan Pie.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Currently Channeling: Sonia Rykiel

the young and the redblooded

Items in this set:
Sixteen Candles Tee, $27
Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Medal intarsia sweater, $161
5 Band Miniskirt - Bop Basics, $86
Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Elastic Wedge Booties, $525
Plaid Mink Pompom Beret, $150
This wish list set is inspired by the very chic, Sonia Rykiel. Each season she manages to put a spin on Parisian-cool that consistently looks fresh and whimsical, while keeping her signature touches of buttery knits, berets, and a dash of lingerie. Often times when watching a runway, the models look so bored, but that is simply not the case at Ms. Rykiel’s shows. All the models look like they’re having a ball and are allowed to smile and laugh throughout. Just imagine how amazing it would be to be her muse!!!
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