Friday, July 30, 2010

Adventures in Etsy

Picnic in the Park

1. "Rosegarden" notecard via Sockmonkey Cards, $3
2. Vintage Paris Patch Applique via Tesoro Viejo, $2
3. Wicker Picnic Basket via Busy Beaver Attic, $13
4. Green & White Gingham Collar-dress via Caramelized Vintage, $65
5. Brown Loafers via Pudding Store Vintage, $39
6. Old-fashioned Bicycle Notebooks via Ruth Bleakley, $9
7. Chanel Sunglasses via Dolls and Guys, $20
8. Denim Vest via 10th Avenue East, $30

Day at the Beach

1. Tortoise-shell Cat-eye sunglasses via Diver , $11
2. Straw Costa Rica bag via Locale Vintage, $9
3. "Beach Babe" notecard via Sockmonkey Cards, $3
4. Cobalt Blue Silk Sea Shell Sarong via Zoebe ,$75
5. Vintage Seaside Embroidered Espadrilles via Paper Poppy Vintage, $5
6.  Vintage Vogue Magazine circa April 1964 via Fishstique, $39
7. Retro Hawaiian print Bathing Suit via Mousevox, $34

Getting into School Mode (While Still Holding onto Summer)

1. "Daydreaming" notecard via Sockmonkey Cards, $3
2. Plaid drawstring backpack via Bluegrass Booty, $40
3. Red & white striped romper via By George, $25
4. Miss Dior Cherie sunglasses via Chicsovintage, $135
5. Vintage Typewriter key necklace via Freshly Fig, $24
6. Straw sun hat via Pudding Store Vintage, $39
7. Quilted suede flats via Action Vintage, $40 


  1. SO CUTE! My favorite one is the last one with Dior sunglasses they look like the ones from the recent Dior commercial :)

  2. i love all these etsy finds! I am new to your blog and I love it... I had a silly question for you, I think we have the same blog layout, but whenever I upload my pics they are much smaller hten yours... how do you get htem so big? Thanks for any help!


  3. lusting the Chanel sunglasses!! If only they were the real thing :)

    Now following you!

  4. Love your picks! Since you're into vintage, you may enjoy my Etsy vintage boutique - Troubadour Vintage!


  5. I came across your blog through the ModCloth blog... I love your picks! I sell a mix of vintage and handmade items on my etsy ( ;D


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