Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two Fat Cats Bakery

 Silk-screened silhouette tote bags, $22

vintage Lucite button earrings, $24
When you think of Maine, generally lobsters, beaches, and Bermuda shorts come to mind —nothing particularly cosmopolitan. But Blanche and Mimi at 184 Middle Street is cosmopolitan indeed.  Vintage curiosities like hairclips made from old buttons, European cafĂ© chairs, and retro clocks are mixed among new pieces like silk-screened silhouette tote bags, aprons printed with bold colors and patterns like bird cages or woodland creatures, and sweet bedding with variations of geometrics and florals. The continuity in the store comes from its modern and playful spin on Parisian-chic that all of the items seem to exude. I ended up buying earrings made from vintage Lucite buttons (they’re the green ones featured in the picture I took above), c'est magnifique!

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  1. Found this via Twitter, that bakery sounds delish. But where are the cats?


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