Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hester Street Fair

What with the start of school, Fashion’s Night Out, and keeping up with all of Fashion Week’s happenings, I had forgotten to post this. In search of savoring the last of summer’s rays I headed to The Hester Street Fair on Labor Day. Though small space is allotted for the market, there is an abundance of great stands to stop by and see. When first entering through the market's iron gateway, to the left was QP & Monty, or what one might call flea market heaven. I sifted through their bowls full of random knickknacks and key chains that would make a nice addition to a charm necklace. Other things of interest sold at their stand included vintage sunglasses, old fabrics, a typewriter, and some decorative plates.
I was extremely hungry so I opted for a chicken empanada and cucumber limeade, while my parents purchased from Luke's Lobster Shack some of the freshest lobster and shrimp rolls  I’ve ever had (better than any I’ve ever had in Maine).
A nearby vendor to Luke’s was a man selling beautiful vintage Danish jewelry that he had found and collected over the years. While Extinct Optics, sold, well just that—unique vintage frames. Unfortunately, he sold no cat-eye sunglasses continuing my hunt for a decent pair.
The real stars of the Hester Street Fair were those who sold dessert. Between my parents and me, we had 4 desserts in total and loved every bite of it. Our first indulgence was at LA NEWYORKINA, where we got the Elote or corn flavored Popsicle, with actual chunks of corn inside. I was a little skeptical at first as to how the pop might taste, but it turned out to be seriously delish; the corn was sweet with a touch of savory and added a bit of crunch. Other flavors of that day included Cantaloupe, Orange-Peach, Chili-Mango, Spiced Tomato, Hibiscus, and Coconut.
Our second dessert stop was at the Melt Bakery stand, where they put an artisanal spin on the typical ice cream sandwich. It was so hard to choose which flavor to get because they all sounded equally delectable. This is probably why my family felt the need to buy two: the peach ice cream and brown butter bourbon shortbread cookie sandwich along with the salted caramel ice cream and brownie sandwich. They were absolutely worth every calorie; usually in an ice cream sandwich either the cookie is too bland or too sugary but in Melt's, both elements succeeded.
Just as we were about to leave the market, we spotted Guerrilla Ice Cream and what with flavors like Lemon Poppy Seed, we knew it was a must-try. The last time I had olive oil ice cream was during a trip to Woodstock, and I thought it was honestly incredible. After sampling Guerrilla’s own take on the flavor, I really wanted their honey, olive oil, and lemon peel combo, but was out voted. We ended up getting Chai Masala with sliced almonds and candied fennel seeds. It was delicious, but still not the same as olive oil ice cream—I’ll have to go back and try theirs next time.
vintage Southwestern print dress, wicker picnic purse, thirft purchase black belt, red sandals via Payless
I was super full from all of the treats purchased, so we decided to walk for awhile towards home. If you’re curious, the dress and wicker picnic basket-style purse I’m wearing were purchased on my recent vacation to Maine at a local thrift store for $4 each! Maine thrift stores have unexpected treasures for reasonable prices (everything I bought was under 10 dollars); if you can’t tell the dress is Southwestern-themed, printed with little cactuses, bulls, and sombreros.


  1. The dress you're wearing is awesome; who knew that cactuses could look so cool

  2. i am still kicking myself for not having made it over there yet! and i love your dress!

  3. I love the Hester St Fair! Your blog is lovely. Luke's Lobster is on my block and is amazing!! I actually did a review for them on my blog. Hope you will check it out and follow :)



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