Saturday, September 18, 2010

Recapping Fashion's Night Out 2010


Me and my new friend Jon in matching stripes—very Parisian, no?
I had been awaiting Fashion’s Night Out since its inaugural debut last year. The mastermind behind the global event was none other than Anna Wintour, who had the genius idea to create a night to boost morale in hard economic times for shoppers, designers, and retailers alike. As mentioned in my last post, I had created a list of FNO events I wished to visit, but as expected, the amount of crowds weren’t as permitting as I would have liked. I spent most of my time at one of my favorite hangouts, the Ace Hotel which was holding a designer Parisian Flea Market in association with one of my favorite boutiques, Opening Ceremony; the perfect store to be attached to their lobby. Circling around room were employees dressed like French mimes selling berets, so obviously I took the opportunity to make friends with them. Coincidentally, my new friend Jon has an elephant tattoo which is perfect because as I’ve said before, elephant motifs are my good luck charm.

The usual Hogwarts-style d├ęcor of the hotel lobby was cleared out for the night, replaced by Parisian Flea Market-inspired rows of booths manned by the Mulleavy sisters, Alexander Wang, and the Band of Outsiders crew. If I were to ignore the crazy crowds then yes, for a moment, it did feel like Paris at dusk.  The Alexander Wang booth was beautiful; Chinese caricatures, paper laterns and umbrellas, dragons, and the color red covered every inch.  If you paid $1, you were entered in a raffle to win a backpack from his F/W 10 collection. In addition, keeping with the Chinese New Years theme, for every ticket bought, as consolation you were given a pineapple bun, which was surprisingly addictive.
At each booth designers created signature items exclusively for Fashion’s Night Out. At the Rodarte booth, the theme was 80’s prom. Racks full of hand-picked vintage (by the Mulleavy sisters themselves) elegant pastel tulles, satins, and velvets, juxtaposed against soft and supple cardigans. Along the table were the Mulleavy sisters’ favorite 80’s and their Rodarte Prom t-shirts selling for $120; a little too pricey, yet chic nonetheless. A little more within my range, for $5 I purchased a lovely lavender corsage and in return got to take a “Prom Polaroid” with my friends.

At Band of Outsiders there was a food frenzy. For every shirt purchased, you got a delicious and free Momofuku cookie. I’m obsessed with Momofuku Milk Bar desserts, this was extremely tempting…!

Jean Paul Gaultier was a little lackluster: various striped shirts in different colors lined the table. The only items of excitement there were the Laduree candles being sold. I love me some Laduree; it’s everything I love about Paris: aromatic, beautiful, and flavorful. Other booths included Keds, Agnes B. (which, by the way, was selling atypical takes on classic Parisian stripes), Proenza Schouler, Altuzarra, and more.  

My favorite booth however, was the Colette Paris for Opening Ceremony. I purchased a script-written "Voila!" T-shirt but it was a toss up between that and the Sil vous plait shirt. In addition, they had ombre eco-friendly tote bags, embellished with different pins that were both French and Fashion’s Night Out themed. This is where I spotted Bee Shaffer! Other celebrities that ventured to the Ace that night included my beloved Chloe Sevigny, Brad Goreski (from the Rachel Zoe Project), Kanye West, Pamela Love, Solange Knowles, Mr. Newton, Spike Jonze, various models like Lily Donaldson, and many more.

SAS loafers, Opening Ceremony blue velvet skirt, thrift-store found striped top and wicker purse, vintage Buddha necklace, Jennifer George earrings 

Don’t be deceived because outside of the venue was zoo, too. Trucks that lined the streets included the artisanal Van Leeuwen ice cream and the Breslin restaurant to-go truck. But my favorite was one that didn’t actually sell food. The Colette truck, parked right in front of the line wrapping around the hotel, was filled with goodies like Derek Blasberg’s book, Sassy and a compilation of the Cobrasnake’s favorite Selby photographs, which was then signed by both Todd Selby and the Cobrasnake. Other things in this magnificent polka-dot truck included Colette and The Selby postcards, Opening Ceremony “Voila!” lighters, and various pins, candles, thermoses, t-shirts and CDs.
 What would be a Parisian Flea Market without my jean jacket adorned with a Paris Je T'aime pin?


  1. The Ace Hotel sounds like a blast. I went to Helmut Lang and saw Harley Viera-Newton, who from reading previous posts on your blog, i know your a fan of!

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  3. mmm Momofuku cookies!
    I like yr smile


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