Tuesday, March 30, 2010

She's Just Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood by Sugar & Gold
I’m off to San Francisco, one of my absolute favorite cities...yay! See you when I get back! Meanwhile, enjoy this collage video by Sugar and Gold that will make you want to hop on a plane to San Fran, too!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crimson & Clover

8. Shadow Seam Crop Jacket , $90 via Topshop
We all know Joan Jett. But not everyone knows that she was originally apart of the band The Runaways. In the film adaptation of The Runway's story,  the all-girl band's fearless natue shines through. The girls faced the sexism in the music industry during the 1970's head on, revolutionizing it their way, in style. The Runaways is simply infectious with songs like Hollywood, California Paradise, and of course, Cherry Bomb making it hard not to become enthralled. The movies’ clothes truly reflect the eponymous characters, especially Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Joan Jett, a role she was born to play. If glitter, outrageously tall heels, rock'n'roll, and teen angst is your thing then definitely check out The Runaways!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In SoHo my friends and I discovered a vintage sale in the Garment Room on a lower level of Greene St. The Garment Showroom was not only architecturally beautiful, but also contained some of the most lust-worthy clothes of Christian Dior, Bill Blass, and YSL. The perfect backdrop for a Nylon-esque editorial left me wanting everything from grafitti mini dresses to Godzilla rings. But mostly, I just wish that I had created such a cool space. All of the materials that went to making the lights, the floors, etc. are recycled, too!

 The Garment Room thrives on the experience it creates for the customer; you feel like you've entered this extremely eccentric recycled "home." Although I didn't buy anything, but prices were reasonable ranging from $50-$300.
GAP miliatary jacket, American Apparel striped leotard, thrift-store find atomic skirt, vintage bag, boots, and belt.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Claws Come Out

Video: The claws come out at Vivienne Westwood's Paris showing of her A/W 10 collection.
I loved Vivienne Westwood's collection; her fanciful flair of inspiration from Where the Wild Things Are made me want to live in Maurice Sendak's uptopia even more. But as the models came out for their final walks, "some would-be assassin threw (with terrible aim, we might add) his/her furry projectile. Is this the work of PETA? A crazy cat lady? Luckily, the kitty ninja was thwarted — the cat barely brushed Ms. Viv's shoulder," writes The Cut
Personally, it immensely added to my enjoyment of the show! Is that wrong to admit? The video prompted a lively family debate on who the cat-culprit was, whether or not it was a real cat, and whether the whole ordeal was staged. Maybe next season Vivienne will take cues from her furry friends for her collection; I've been a fan cat-eye glasses.
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