Thursday, April 29, 2010


Lately, the weather in NYC has been so temperamental; one day, it’s 45 degrees, and I’m wearing jeans and booties, the next it’s 70 degrees and I’m wearing an outfit fit for summer. Luckily, Saturday was warm! I opted for my Tommy Bahama-esque skirt, bought at a thrift store while on my recent vacation to San Francisco.

Tommy Bahama inspired skirt, vintage loafers, belt from Zachary's Smile, and Marc by Marc Jacobs lace blouse.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anthropologie's Chelsea Opening

My first encounter with the Anthropologie franchise was when I stumbled upon their Lower 5th Avenue outpost some years ago. Since then, my dream has been to make my apartment resemble the store. What I like most about the Anthropologie aesthetic, is that each of their stores has its own personality. Each furniture piece and many of the accessories were picked by scavenging flea markets and boutiques across the globe and are then refurbished for customers. For a while, on The Sundance Channel, I watched Man Shops Globe, which followed Anthropologie’s Keith Johnson as he traveled across the world finding pieces for the stores. I love now being able wander into Anthropologie and know the story behind the artist  and how Keith came to find them.
The new Anthropolgie in Chelsea Market is said to hold the most furniture out of any of their other stores. There are many intriguing items that you’ll only find in the Chelsea store as well. Anthropologie has a very distinct vintage-inspired ambiance, but this is the first time that they’ve ever featured vintage clothing. Included are lurid floral dresses--perfect for a tea party--from Some Odd Rubies, a vintage store on the Lower East Side.
Also exclusive to the Chelsea store is the unique wallpaper. The "C'est Magnifique" Parisian patterned one is simply chic, and I’m trying to convince my family to purchase it for our home.
Anthropologie collaborated with a local New York artist to create a line of splatter paint pants a la Jackson Pollock.
Near the cash register is a “trial accessories area.” If it works well here, Anthropologie plans to open accessories Pop-Up Shops all over the city!!!!
Although these three travel-themed items can be purchased in any of the Anthropologie stores, they’re still utterly adorable. I can picture myself riding in a classic blue car, along the roads of Monaco, wearing any of these pieces, like Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief.
Sophie Dahl's (aka Roald Dahl’s daughter) cookbook looks so interesting; A must-have for foodies or for those who aren’t so well versed in complex artisanal techniques.
Doesn't this chair bring to mind Alice in Wonderland?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It Girl

Video: Harley Viera-Newton's Closet Confessions via Bluefy
Is it possible to love someone who doesn't actually have any contributions to society? Well, Harley Viera-Netwon would definitely fit under the tab "socialite," but other than that she hasn't done anything of note; she is loved simply for her style. She is the muse of Dior, adores wearing Luella, DJs for various clubs, co-hosts for East Village Radio, favors Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window,  and has inspired my friends and me to wear colorful star-shaped glasses. She owns various pieces of jewelry designed by Tom Binns, one of my favorite accessory designers (although, as much as I love Tom Binns, she plugs Binns in part, because he is affiliated with her mom). But I found it no suprise that my favorite patterns, gingham and polka-dots, played prominent roles in her wardrobe, splayed across various vintage dresses.  Her room proves to be another extension of her sought-after closet; her collection of random baubles influenced by her studies in Egyptology only adds to her intrigue. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

China Express

While walking up Grant Street to the gates of Chinatown, I was intrigued by the windows of what seemed to be an Urban Outfitters, but was far from it. When walking into Shotwell’s I felt like my mental wish list had spilled into reality. There were the chunky Jeffrey Campbell heels everywhere. As were Comme de Garcon sneakers from my Sonia Rykiel post. They had a great compilation of Opening Ceremony boots, Elizabeth and James, and the occasional Alexander Wang dress. Shotwell’s first floor is devoted to only vintage goodies---from sunglasses to rompers. The second floor houses the store’s collections of vintage shoes, while the rest of the clothes are new.
After a hitting up Anthropologie, Bloomingdales (where I discovered my love for Chanel's Rouge Coco line), and Aritzia at the local mall, my family and I were ravenous. The bad weather didn't leave us very many choices so we drudgingly went to the mall's food court. I say this with partial disbelief: the bottom floor housed the best mall food I've ever had. Places like Out the Door, The Slanted Door's diffusion restaurant, and Kichi's Japanese food. Even Melt Gelato, which I'm assuming is affiliating with the one in New York.
From the Out the Door, a 5-spiced chicken sandwich, and from Kichi, a poke tuna bowl.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flower Children

On my recent vacation to San Francisco I had the pleasure of exploring many neighborhoods. Remnants of the past are still visible in the colorful buildings in Haight-Ashbury, once the thriving setting for the 1967 Summer of Love. Many legends graced the hills of this neighborhood, from Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix to Raven Baxter of That’s So Raven, who lived at 1608 Page St.
Mystery Mister
Mystery Mister opened just a little over three weeks ago and has already left an imprint on the locals. This Haight Street store has a grandma’s attic ambiance with it's rad vintage Chinese slippers, an embroidered handkerchief depicting a woman, and a wall of scientific baubles filling its petite walls. Everything in the store is extremely eclectic; it’s a mystery each time what you’ll find!
Behind the Post Office
Behind the Post Office is a boutique that sells enchanting summer-fever-inducing clothing patterned with motifs like bicycles and birds. I was enamored with their little spring dresses covered with sunglasses, coffee cup-patterned wallets, and multicolored plaids.

Of all of Haight-Ashbury's vintage/thrifty offerings, my absolute favorite was Wasteland. Half the store was devoted to delicious new clothing, while the other half was the best crop of thrifty finds I've yet to see in San Francisco. The buyers for the Wasteland are extremely picky in what clothes they'll take in, making for a well edited and affordable vintage mecca. I was smitten with rows of interesting pairs of loafers all under $20, but which were unfortunately either too big or too small.
I found a floor length bold tribal patterned black and white cotton dress, overlooked by many. All it needs is a little TLC and I’m happy to be the person to give it that. My vintage shopping motto is: if it's cheap enough and you love it but it's too long or too wide, tailor it! I plan to shorten my new find into a fun mini dress.

GAP military-inspired jacket, vintage houndstooth blouse, gray cashmere scarf , and BDG jeans.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


On my last trip to San Francisco, on a terribly rainy day, I sought refuge in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, leaving me to explore the museum's wonderful offerings. It was just my luck that going back during a complete different season weather conditions were just as temperamental. That's how I found myself yet again at SFMOMA, this time for their 75th annivesary retrospective.  
Monkey + Michael sculpture, someone's idea of art, only leaves me with nightmares.
Available on the rooftop of SFMOMA you can purchase a beautifully done edible homage to Mondrian's famous geometrical painting. This version will only set you back $8 and is probably tastier than the original iconic piece.
During my trip I had continuously passed by Cako, a cupcake boutique of sorts. Finally after a cultured visit at SFMOMA my family and I were craving a good coffee and treat. I suggested Cako, for their broad array of flavors including Apple Pie, Mocha, Banana Split, but we opted for Nutella and Salted Caramel. Sadly, I thought their taste didn't quite measure up to their appearance. Maybe I'm spoiled by access to cupcake masters like Eleni's and Magnolia's.

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