Saturday, May 29, 2010

All That Glitters is Gold

There’s really nothing I love more than a scrumptious birthday cake (whether it’s mine or not). Thankfully, mine was overflowing with my favorites: mocha cake filled with apricot jam, adorned with oodles of tasty pink and purple flowers from Two Little Red Hens. I spent my birthday with friends appreciating the warmth of Spring by relaxing in Central Park. Later, I went out to dinner at Sfoglia, one of my favorite restaurants that I don't get around to enough. My birthday dinner consisted of rich, pea shoot ravioli and escarole salad.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In the Limelight

Gingham dress from Urban Outfitters, Splendid cardigan, vintage belt and shoes.
Situated in the former Chelsea church-turned-nightclub, now stands the shopping mecca known as the Limelight Marketplace. I'd been anticipating it's debut since I first read about the project on New York Magazine's blog, "The Cut." Immediately upon entering, I felt flustered and in need of a handheld map to help me navigate all of the many nooks. Although the shopping market is only three floors, it's not just simple steps up a staircase; each staircase leads you to a different alcove, secluded from any other part of the floor-- very poorly laid out!
I did, however, manage to find a few goodies. On the first floor sat Wanna Hava Cookie, a store devoted to all things whoopie pie including flavors like red velvet. Next stop was Butterfly Bakery which not so ironically sells baked goods decked in butterflies. The photos don't do it justice but the butterflies are actually quite beautiful, designed with multi-colored marbles and polka-dots.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sweet Parisian Dreams

 Ever since last summer, when my fashion program met with a fashion illustrator (we were each asked to craft our own makeshift collection), I've been dabbling a lot in drawing.  In the late hours of the night, I drew lots of (far from professional)  sketches. But there is something so therapeutic about drawing. In any event, the first picture was inspired by the movie Paris When it Sizzles--- a movie that comments on the overly extravagant ways of Hollywood, while following a love story between the characters played by Audrey Hepburn and William Holden. I've never actually been able to get through the whole movie; it's not as easy-going as Funny Face. But while drawing this picture, I've decided to give the movie a second chance to get the full cinematic experience.
This second drawing, is of a make-believe shoe collection. They're a bit stripper-ish, but I imagine them extremely high, blue-painted wooden heels, juxtaposed against a charcoal gray fabric for the body of the boot. The suede fabric would have cascading striped indentations to contrast the round toe of the boot.  This all sounds rather silly. I know I'm no designer, (and I don't have any impending dreams to be) but the whole design process is fascinating.   

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