Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony Debut

Being a longtime fan of ChloĆ« Sevigny, I was so excited to get to go to the Meet and Greet, inaugurating her latest collection for Opening Ceremony this past Saturday. Guests included Spike Jonze, Jenn Brill, and Humberto and Carol, the proprietors and creators behind OC’s worldwide franchises.
ChloĆ«’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is comprised of crop tops and tees with iconic Robert Mapplethorpe photographs superimposed onto them, silky baseball jackets, an assortment of swoon-worthy chunky boots (ranging from pointy-toed cowboy boots to chunky 90s lace-ups), and pastel, rounded sunglasses. While the dresses were attractive, I didn’t find them particularly distinctive. There are 5 silhouettes, each named after one of Ms. Sevigny’s friends like sassy cool-girl Leslie Arfin and singer Lissie Trullie. Each style comes in the same five pattern options: leopard, floral, gingham, paisley, and polka-dot. 

Scarf from India, H&M elbow-patch sweater, velvet Opening Ceremony skirt, button earrings.  

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  1. omg so jealous she looks so cute! and that skirt is amazing!

  2. That's my friend Lyris over at City Soul standing next to me, and she took some of these lovely photos, too. Nbd or anythings guyz <3

  3. I've actually pre-ordered my Nana trumpet boots. AND i'm so jealous, you met Chloe, OMG !!!!

    See U !

  4. if i was ever in a room with spike jonze AND chloe sevigny i would faint


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