Friday, January 28, 2011

Ode to Mary Quant

These photos I’ve posted are from a book called Vintage Fashion: Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics, 1900- 1990. I recently read an article by Indigo Clarke entitled “Why Aren’t We All living In the 60s-- or At Least Dressing like We Do?”, a realized version of thoughts I, too, have been feeling lately.  Indigo discusses how fashion of our time has lost exuberance and meaning. She attributes it to the 60's being the first decade in which youth had such a powerful voice in music, art, politics, and fashion.

I’m in full agreement. The 60's brought Space Age, Mod, Hippie, Eastern influences; such sharp contrasts from decades previous. It was a decade that fostered Andy Warhol and his circle of friends in The Factory, many of whom continue to be muses for our time.  But arguably the most influential person in the fashion industry during 1960's was Mary Quant, who opened the Bazaar on Kings Road in London where she sold her outlandish designs. Just some of Quant's designs sold in-store were her go-go boots, plastic raincoats, miniskirts and dresses---all of which were soon ubiquitous worldwide. Maybe it’s reflective of the economy or the state of our environment, but there’s just a certain starkness to fashion lately. That is not to say there aren’t many current designers  who aren’t inspiring or influential (see: Christopher Kane, Luella Bartley, Sonia Rykiel, Charles Anastase), but there will never be another decade that has such an appreciation of culture as  during the 60's.
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  1. This book looks really cool!!

    Lovely blog :)


  2. Mary Quant designed some fantastic clothes :) I have featured her on my blog about past fashion icons if you are interested!


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