Monday, April 11, 2011

Not Just A String On His Guitar

I’m almost finished reading A Freewheelin’ Time: A Memoir of Greenwich Village in the 60’s by Suze Rotolo and I can already tell it’s bound to be one of my favorite books. Though Suze is often known for being Bob Dylan’s muse, she is so much more than just that.  These photographs of me below were taken on University Place in NYC because the alley reminded me a bit of the album cover of A Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (though the picture featuring a snuggly Dylan and Rotolo was actually taken on Great Jones Street).  The book makes me resent Bob Dylan a lot—Team Rotolo all the way.
Thrifted crimson shift dress, Hue knit tights, La Candienne lace-up boots, American Apparel striped bodysuit
During her time spent in Greenwich Village, to make ends meet and to pursue her love of thrifty finds, Suze and her singer friend Jane started a line called Sujabaubles (a mash-up of their names). They sold  awesome jewelry that they had made from unique materials  like paper mache, but it never truly took off; they did however, at one point score a meeting with a buyer at Bloomingdale’s but the woman felt Sujabaubles was too edgy for the Bloomie’s target customer. 

Stella Dallas, 218 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012
After eating lunch on University Place, an area which was essentially Suze’s stomping ground in the 1960’s, keeping her in mind, I headed to one of my favorite vintage stores, Stella Dallas. I was hoping to find this vegetable-print shift dress that has been haunting my dreams ever since I stupidly passed it up the last time I was in the store, but of course it was already sold. 
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  1. such a good outfit, and it looks like an amazing day, I love visiting your blog! Ava xx


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