Monday, June 13, 2011

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

To go along with our ice cream, I purchased some refreshing rose-infused iced tea.
Doug Quint, an adorable gay bassoonist who owns BGIC was looking for something fun to do one summer and bought an old Mr. Softee truck. There are a few noticeable differences between Doug and Mr. Softee. For one, you won’t find that classic jingle playing from his truck. Instead, you might hear some Cha-Cha music blasting. Doug has converted this American Classic into something more elevated and playful. Among the flavors offered in the truck is Chocolate with Cayanne pepper and Berries and Saba.
Vanilla soft serve with olive oil and sprinkled salt
One of my favorite ice cream flavors of all-time is olive oil, which to some might sound nasty but it’s actually super yummy. Big Gay’s version was Mr. Softee vanilla ice cream with olive oil and sea salt drizzled on top in a cone, which was unlike any olive oil ice cream I had had because typically it is mixed in, but there’s was still good, just really messy to eat. Next time I want to try the “Gobbler”: a vanilla sundae with pumpkin butter, graham cracker, dried cranberries and whipped cream.

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  1. First off, your sunglasses are really, really cute! Have you ever tried the mermaid ice cream at the Big Gay Ice Cream truck? I tried it once when they were on Broadway, and it was really something :)
    - Janet

  2. Fantastic post! Bea Arthur flavor? Love it!

  3. just found your blog, I actually got it recommended to me. from what I've gathered so far, I truly like your style :-) keep it up !


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