Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sodapop Serenades

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain
Paris Je T'aime shirt, Tibi Scandanavian-looking skirt, vintage Coach bag, Chinese Maryjane slippers
When I was little, I had such a strong connection to the American Girl Doll series. In some ways, it was my first real encounter with the concept of history. It was the first time I learned about the effects of The Great Depression, the Underground Railroad, World War II, and many other historical events. Molly McIntire’s stories were always my favorite and I awaited the arrival of my 8th birthday when my grandma bought me the doll. Molly has bangs, knew who she was, hated math, but loved to read. 
My friends and I always dissect the idea of sharing a milkshake. Milkshake-sharing makes for the cutest date, like in a diner scene from a black and white flick, or even that part in Pulp Fiction. Whenever I think of old-fashioned ice cream shops of today, I immediately think of Brooklyn Farmacy and Sodashop in Carroll Gardens. I felt like I was in an American Girl doll movie, transported back in time with The Andrew Sisters-style music playing in the background, the white hats with red piping that the waitresses wear that look like ones worn in diners of the 1940’s and 1950’s, and the quaint d├ęcor. Brooklyn Farmacy gets its name from the fact it used to be an actual pharmacy; all of the shelving was kept from the original building. It's also the only spot in Brooklyn with it’s own working soda fountain! The only thing missing is rollerskates. Yes, the waitresses should definitely be wearing rollerskates.
When our adorable waitress brought us our menus, I was overwhelmed to say the least. The menus at Brooklyn Farmacy change seasonally but basically any soda float or ice cream sundae that you can imagine is on it. Everything used in the shop is from local Brooklyn purveyors, too. It’s moments like these where I wish I was Adam Gertler (he has that show on The Food Network called Kid in the Candy Store)… Brooklyn Farmacy would obviously make the cut. It was tough passing up the hibiscus soda float and a mocha milkshake, but my family and I narrowed it down to the “Sundae of Broken Dreams”: vanilla ice cream and pretzels, with caramel and fudge and the “Red  Velvet Twinkle” which was a locally made red velvet twinkie split in half with a scoop of coffee, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream stuffed inside it. C’mon! It doesn’t get much better than a red velvet twinkie!!
The "Red Velvet Twinkle"
The "Sundae of Broken Dreams"
In the back of Brooklyn Farmacy is a table for larger groups. There is a giant vintage juke box, lots of vintage board games, and type writers scattered around. I was having a total Molly McIntire moment. I could see her in the 1940’s getting a soda float and playing the board games with her friends here afterschool.
  Brooklyn Farmacy& Sodashop; 718-522-6260; 513 Henry Street (at Sackett Street).
Oh, also, take this really amusing quiz from Hairpin to find out which American Girl Doll shaped the rest of your life here.
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  1. oooo yummy! this place looks adorable. It's times like these when I wish I didn't live in the suburbs.

  2. That place looks amazing, the reason i love the states from unique places like this something we don't have in the UK x

  3. MOLLY <3 Thanks so much for that Hairpin link! Love it!

  4. where did you get your slippers?! Pearl River?


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