Monday, August 29, 2011

Flea Market Girl

While I was on my annual vacation to Maine, my family and I found in the local newspaper, word of a Maine blueberry festival. Except, well, my parents and I got lost on the way to said blueberry festival and ended up taking a detour to a flea market found on one of the side roads. While it was no Brimfield, with both new and old items we spent about 1.5 hours having fun scavenging the rows of booths.
It’s always interesting to me how people make art out of the layout of their fleamarket booths. I found this one particularly pretty. 

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  1. what flea market did you go to?? im from maine and there are lots of really good one!

  2. Oh my goodness, I wish I knew! We were so very lost but it was a random road, somewhere south of Portland near lots of antique shops... very vague, I know haha

  3. Haha I was just in portland two weeks ago! Thats pretty cool. I love flea markets, gosh they are gold mines. That elvis hat is fantastic. Oh and I love your sunglasses.


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