Sunday, September 25, 2011

Girls Club

This year, my school announced my grade’s outdoor ed trip would be visiting Governors Island. At first, I found it funny that our outdoor ed trip was still within the boundaries of NYC. Actually going there though, I found it to be a pretty cool place.  Beforehand, I didn’t know much about Governor’s Island other than that She & Him had performed there. One of the main attractions of Governors Island is all of the tandem bikes that are available for rent. My friends and I took a 4-person bike around the island until we stumbled upon a string of buildings that had signs for the Governors Island Arts Fair. Evidently, as I am writing this, I just remembered that the fair ended its season today.
The program, started by 4Heads Collective, was inaugurated in 2008 as a way to gentrify unused spaces in New York, by filling the empty space with works that celebrate over 100 independent artists from around the world.  Each artist who is a participant of the program is given their own room to fill in one of the buildings in the Building 12 compound, where the arts fair takes place. Who knew Governors Island was fostering some of the coolest artists ever?

The room is designed by The Lower Eastside Girls Club, an organization which is devoted to providing services to girls and young women on the Lower East Side. The women behind the organization are kind of obsessed with Coney Island and attend Coney Island’s Annual Mermaid Parade, so the room combines both of these wonders. 

While scoping out lunch, my friends and I came across this tree house that was like no tree house I had seen before. It had ornate chairs, dressers, mirrors, and even French doors within it, yet in every nook and cranny there were kitschy painted details like peace signs, kitty cats,“Ethan + Evan” forever, etc, to be found. 

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