Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Samantha Pleet Spring/Summer 2012 Presentation

My love for Brooklyn designer, Samantha Pleet was first ignited when I watched a video of her talking about her wardrobe on StyleLikeU. In the video she cites J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey as a major influence for her Spring/Summer 2010 collection, which brought me such joy as it’s a favorite novel of mine. Since then I’ve been a follower of Samantha’s career.  
I was excited to attend Samantha Pleet’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection during New York Fashion Week. The presentation was held at The Highline Loft and throughout the presentation models stood on pedestals making them looking more like live artwork in a gallery than models. I thought this went with the ethos of the collection and the surrounding artsy Chelsea neighborhood.
Samantha never fails to produce retro silhouettes with fresh prints. The color palette of this season’s collection was predominantly colors you might find in a painting of the Grand Canyon; everything from terracotta  to charcoals. Part of what attracts me so much to the Samantha Pleet line is the interesting textiles. When I asked Samantha about where she sources her fabrics she said: “me and my husband---he’s an architect---we design all of our textiles ourselves! We sit there after I’ve sketched the clothes and then design prints to go into the collection or vice versa. Sometimes the prints inspire the silhouettes. Textiles for me are just as important as the actual clothes.”

The diamond motifs as featured in the adorable dress above were also sprinkled throughout the collection. I especially loved this look because it was accessorized with this triangle necklace by Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons (they designed all the jewelry used in the collection) that reminds me of the Deathly Hallows symbol from Harry Potter (I’m always down for a Luna Lovegood moment).  
The music that echoed throughout the presentation was by Caroline Polacheck of Chairlift. It was pretty and yet eerie, almost like the collection itself which Samatha describes as “telling more of a mythical legend…Something that could happen in the far off future or even way in the past. The line has more powerful characters and soft characters that are characters telling a distinct story of history.” I definitely got a Neolithic or post-modernistic wandererluster feel when I saw the collection, which was especially evident in the textiles and bone jewelry pieces. The compass/cosmo print in this dress was subtle and yet ethereal and fit right in with the aesthetic.  
The diamond motifs continued as cut-outs on the twist-knot romper and dresses. I thought these were especially clever as the twists looked so seamless and chic.
Can we talk about Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons' horsetail jewelry? How cool? I just hope it didn’t hurt any animal to get this…
I love making up stories when I watch collections. I always think to myself about who the girl is etc. The rough edges of this skirt brought to mind a modern play on The Flinstones.
The beige shoes were very 1930’s dancer shoes and contrasted the mythological feel.
The cape for the swimsuit was quite cool. It reminded me of bird’s wings.
Overall, I thought the collection was cohesive and had a good balance of dresses, tops, and bottoms to offer in earthy tones.

At Samantha Pleet’s showing I also met Christina Culver. If you want to get your nails did this is your girl. Check out these banana-print nails inspired by Prada’s S/S ’11 collection!
My grandmother’s vintage embroidered floral blouse, thrift plaid kilt, French Soles polka-dot flats

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  1. Great pics, the collection was gorgeous. Especially love the grey mini-dress and the graphic printed one xoxo


  2. OKay OKAY I am in love with Samantha Pleet! Gotta see some more of her stuff, plus she likes Twin Peaks? <3 <3

    p.s. you look so cute + i love your outfit!! @_@


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