Friday, October 28, 2011

Where Have All The Flowers Gone

Books from left to right: Buried Alive: The Biography of Janis Joplin by Myra Friedman , Andy Warhol: Portraits of the 70's by Andy Warhol, The Sixties Unplugged: A Kaleidoscopic History of a Disorderly Decade by Gerard J. De Groot

During an excursion with my best friend for the school newspaper, we went to the Salvation Army. I came across this totally lurid psychedelic button down shirt, reminiscent of Cream’s Disraeli Gears album cover. The shirt was priced at $2.99, but it cost me a measly $1.50, as all green tags at the Salvation Army are always 50%. Yes, I get totally get giddy saying that! It’s such a thrill when I buy some of my most favorite items for virtually nothing. The fabric is a really strange silk and makes wonder if it was originally a mate to a pair of pajama bottoms. Those would literally be the coolest PJs ever. Whenever I am wearing the shirt I sing my favorite Rolling Stones song, “She’s A Rainbow” to myself and imagine rainbows swirling out of my shirt. 

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  1. How do you do those mushroom sticker things? this is so trippy and cool!


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