Saturday, November 26, 2011

Scenes From My Sketchbook

Sometimes I wish I kept a tangible diary. Instead, every week since 9th grade I’ve done an entry in my sketchbook. Although I started off doing entries in my sketchbook just to fulfill an assignment for my drawing and painting class, it’s now become my favorite way to end the week. So in a way, although my sketchbook is mostly images, its becoming my own important way of diary-keeping. I can look at these entries and know exactly what I was feeling when I was making them or what they contextualize. 
Left: Pee-wee Herman + robot   Right: palm reading ad I found on the street + yin yang block print I carved.
Left: Tennessee Thomas, drummer of girl-band, The Like nestled in a sea of flower power

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of something I did with my friends for photographer Danielle Levitt (who reminds me of an edgy Carrie Bradshaw); all of these photographs though were taken by my friend Ruby who is one of the raddest girls on the block. I am really excited to see all the photographs Danielle took of us as they come out, but for now I can just stare at these pictures from her studio. Everywhere you went there was spin art mounted to the wall! Going to start saving up pennies for a spin art kit, I think.
We look like a mismatched girl-band here.

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  1. Beautiful drawings Emma!
    Also that Damien Hirst in the background is to die for!!


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