Friday, January 28, 2011

Ode to Mary Quant

These photos I’ve posted are from a book called Vintage Fashion: Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics, 1900- 1990. I recently read an article by Indigo Clarke entitled “Why Aren’t We All living In the 60s-- or At Least Dressing like We Do?”, a realized version of thoughts I, too, have been feeling lately.  Indigo discusses how fashion of our time has lost exuberance and meaning. She attributes it to the 60's being the first decade in which youth had such a powerful voice in music, art, politics, and fashion.

I’m in full agreement. The 60's brought Space Age, Mod, Hippie, Eastern influences; such sharp contrasts from decades previous. It was a decade that fostered Andy Warhol and his circle of friends in The Factory, many of whom continue to be muses for our time.  But arguably the most influential person in the fashion industry during 1960's was Mary Quant, who opened the Bazaar on Kings Road in London where she sold her outlandish designs. Just some of Quant's designs sold in-store were her go-go boots, plastic raincoats, miniskirts and dresses---all of which were soon ubiquitous worldwide. Maybe it’s reflective of the economy or the state of our environment, but there’s just a certain starkness to fashion lately. That is not to say there aren’t many current designers  who aren’t inspiring or influential (see: Christopher Kane, Luella Bartley, Sonia Rykiel, Charles Anastase), but there will never be another decade that has such an appreciation of culture as  during the 60's.
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Macaron Gems

For years, speculation stirred that the Parisian pastry and cake shop, Ladurée would open up shop in NYC. Ladurée, the bakery that brought the macaron to its present fame, made plans to open in the Plaza Hotel (where Demel is now?) but they fell through. Later in 2009, it was said they would open on Madison Avenue.  As of now, the store keeps its branches exclusive to Asia and Europe; I suppose to keep the glamour and magic of Ladurée alive. While it seems Ladurée won’t be crossing the Atlantic anytime soon, I’ve found one very delicious store in particular, paying homage to the craft of making macarons, right here in the Big Apple. Case in point, the Macaron Café.
The Macaron Café currently has two outposts, 625 Madison Avenue (entrance actually on 59th street) and 485 7th Avenue. The atmosphere feels like a whimsical play on classic Parisian cafés and the employees dress in French maid-y outfits. The plethora of flavors that change seasonally are displayed in glass casings, making the macarons look like little gems.
Vintage men's letterman sweater and plaid shirt, Target leggings.
(Flavors from left to right: raspberry, lychee rose, grapefruit, chocolate coconut, wedding almond, and honey lavender.)
It’s always so difficult choosing which to purchase-- each of their macarons are all always so true to their name-sake flavors! Lychee is a hard flavor to replicate but their’s was so spot-on. For more on The Macaron Café click here. For prior posts mentioning my obsession with macarons click here.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony Debut

Being a longtime fan of Chloë Sevigny, I was so excited to get to go to the Meet and Greet, inaugurating her latest collection for Opening Ceremony this past Saturday. Guests included Spike Jonze, Jenn Brill, and Humberto and Carol, the proprietors and creators behind OC’s worldwide franchises.
Chloë’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is comprised of crop tops and tees with iconic Robert Mapplethorpe photographs superimposed onto them, silky baseball jackets, an assortment of swoon-worthy chunky boots (ranging from pointy-toed cowboy boots to chunky 90s lace-ups), and pastel, rounded sunglasses. While the dresses were attractive, I didn’t find them particularly distinctive. There are 5 silhouettes, each named after one of Ms. Sevigny’s friends like sassy cool-girl Leslie Arfin and singer Lissie Trullie. Each style comes in the same five pattern options: leopard, floral, gingham, paisley, and polka-dot. 

Scarf from India, H&M elbow-patch sweater, velvet Opening Ceremony skirt, button earrings.  

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