Saturday, February 26, 2011

Manic Panic Red

Rayanne Graff in a crop top, baseball hat, and plaid shirt
I screen capped these pictures from videos of 90's TV show, My So-Called Life, so that's why they're a tad blurry. Although, I was too young to watch it when it first aired, it’s safe to say it has become my favorite series of all-time. The show was avant garde for network television, dealing with issues like homophobia, drug abuse and domestic violence. I idolize My So-Called Life because it was real--it is real--unlike shows like Saved by the Bell, which made high school look like a joke. Everyone on Saved By The Bell is almost always happy, their biggest problems are always like "how do I sneak out of detention to see Kelly without Mr. Belding noticing me?" and everyone on the show is WAY too cheesy. Not to say that teenagers aren't bubbly and smiley, but did Kelly Kapowski ever show some real emotions?
Enough about Saved by The Bell. This is one of my favorite quotes said by protagonist, Angela Chase (played by Claire Danes): “there is something about Sunday night that really makes you want to kill yourself. And that creepy 60 minutes watch sounds like your whole life ticking away.”
Angela Chase in a gingham dress, Coach-style bag, and loafers (not pictured)

I could go on and on for hours talking about each of the characters’ distinct styles. However, today I’m only talking about Rayanne Graff and Angela Chase. Angela’s style on the show is the one which most heavily reflects her personal life. When the series first starts out, Angela has mousy blonde hair; she’s more girly, noticeable in her floral skirt and crocheted vest top. Later in that episode she dyes it Manic Panic Crimson Glow Red because she says “when Rayanne Graff told me my hair was holding me back, I had to listen. Cause she wasn’t just talking about my hair. She was talking about my life.” Woah. Angela has these moments, where her simple quotes are the voice of my very teenage brain.
One of My So-Called Life's many iconic bathroom scenes.
Angela in a plaid vest and grey maxi skirt (not pictured)
As the season progresses Angela’s style gets an injection of 90's grunge, present in youth culture at the time the show was filmed, although still keeping some remnants of her old self. She often wears pajama-y clothing, lots of layered plaids, and oversized button-front floral dresses with Doc Martens or loafers. Oh, and everyone on this show LOVES overalls.
Rayanne's yin and yang earrings... swoon!
The 3 Best Friends
Rayanne Graff (played by A.J. Langer) is Angela’s outlandish counterpart. Rayanne’s style is an odd ball mix of nouveau hippie, grunge, and child-like pieces. Her style takes inspiration from her tarot card-reading mother, Amber. They both love the Grateful Dead.  Rayanne’s hair always features a combination of crazy, tightly woven braids, scrunchies, and plastic barrettes (which seriously need to make a comeback). Her jewelry always looks like she made it herself. In one episode she wears a safety pin as an earring and in another she wears yin and yang accessories. Basically Rayanne is fearless. One day she’ll mix berets with tie-dye t-shirts and maxi skirts. The next it will be a bra, baseball cap, and plaid shirt, who knows?
This overalls/patchwork shirt ensemble is probably the most colorful thing Angela wears all throughout the series.
 Rayanne's barrettes. I mean, really? Why are these not a trend?
If only Angela knew that 20 years later, pendleton coats just like hers would be selling for hundreds at Opening Ceremony.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Spring Weather Somewhere

1. Suede Button-Front Skirt, $110 via Topshop
3. Bunny Needlepoint Loafers, $142 via ByPaige
4. Something Else "Pink Yoke Dress", $110 via Bonadrag
5. Vintage Purse, $17 via Supermarket
6. Yeti Sweater, $80 via Airblaster

1. Needlepoint Owl Loafers, $142 via ByPaige
2. Emma Book Clutch, $325 via Kate Spade
3. King Bowl, via Karel Capek
4. L'Idiot Savant T-Shirt, $35 via Rare Device
5. Silence & Noice Architectural Dress, $69 via Urban Outfitters
6. Velvet Full Woven Skirt, $38 via American Apparel
7. Illesteva Olive Sunglasses, $160 via Gargyle
8. Dino Socks, $12 via Urban Outfitters
9. Red Plastic Rain Jacket, via Topshop

I devoted a post a couple of weeks ago to my new-found love of So all of this weeks’ wish list picks are items I’ve stumbled upon through the site. Some of my favorites were the needlepointed loafers by ByPaige, a great store for spring footwear. From leopard, lobster, to my personal favorite, the night owl all of the items sold on the site are a playful twist on classic Waspy style.

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