Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sixteen Wishes

1. Rachel Antonoff Yellow Plaid Dress, $276 via Bonadrag
2. Frida Kahlo Mesh Backpack, $40 via Etsy
3. Black Scallop Stripe Bikini, $60 via Topshop
4. Eye T-shirt, $70 via Modekungen
5. Gun Mini Skirt, $180 via Fancy Pony Land
7. Celebrate Everyday Life Pins, $7 via Tatty Devine Boutique

8. Polka-dot Leggings, $48 via 80'sPurple
9. Yellow Scallop Lolita Shirt, $40 via Topshop
11. Comme des Garcons PLAY, $105 via La Garconne
13. Purple Yin Yang Socks, $7.50 via Socksmith
14. Baja Bags, $17 via Zumiez
15. Suede Circle Skirt, $148 via Free People
16. Strawbery Fields Earrings, $58 via Toujourstoi

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

D.I.Y. Time: Dip-Dyed Shoes

I’ve had these white canvas Mary Jane shoes for almost over two years now. Surprisingly, they’re Miu Miu, from I think the Spring/Summer 2007 collection, that I purchased at the Barney’s Warehouse Sale. Originally, the toes of these shoes were dyed with orange, but having worn them in the rain a couple of times they’ve completely faded, leaving the shoes simply white. I had been meaning to do something fun with them--- either doodling on them with black ink, or redoing their dip-dye. During a free period in school I took the liberty of going ahead with my DIY (Do-It-Yourself for those of you not hip with your lingo) plans and dip-dying them lavender, this time with acrylic paint so they won't wash off in the rain. I’m so happy with the result. In fact, not-so-coincidentally, I’ve been thinking of dip-dying the ends of hair lavender, but we’ll see!!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amarcord Vintage Warehouse Sale

242 Wythe Avenue
On Sunday I checked out Amarcord’s Vintage Warehouse in Williamsburg where all items were said to be no more than $10; you pretty much can’t beat that price in New York City. Sorted by type of clothing item, the racks were filled with a mix of great summery 90's maxi dresses, vintage campy t-shirts, and a row of knee-length plaid skirts. There were a few tables with vintage totes and pocketbooks selling for $2 and a rack full of random castaways, which ironically had the best stuff: wine-colored velvet high-waisted pants, 70’s sweaters, and my favorite find, a green Pucci-looking top—and yes, all was $5 and under.I ended up purchasing a floral green and yellow maxi dress and a black and white scribble-patterned dress. Together they cost only $8. 
The  awesome Pucci-looking top I found for $5!

All of pairs of shoes were $1 each, though I didn’t see any I liked. It was a mix of sporty canvas flats, 1940’s heels, clogs, and espadrilles.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Not Just A String On His Guitar

I’m almost finished reading A Freewheelin’ Time: A Memoir of Greenwich Village in the 60’s by Suze Rotolo and I can already tell it’s bound to be one of my favorite books. Though Suze is often known for being Bob Dylan’s muse, she is so much more than just that.  These photographs of me below were taken on University Place in NYC because the alley reminded me a bit of the album cover of A Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (though the picture featuring a snuggly Dylan and Rotolo was actually taken on Great Jones Street).  The book makes me resent Bob Dylan a lot—Team Rotolo all the way.
Thrifted crimson shift dress, Hue knit tights, La Candienne lace-up boots, American Apparel striped bodysuit
During her time spent in Greenwich Village, to make ends meet and to pursue her love of thrifty finds, Suze and her singer friend Jane started a line called Sujabaubles (a mash-up of their names). They sold  awesome jewelry that they had made from unique materials  like paper mache, but it never truly took off; they did however, at one point score a meeting with a buyer at Bloomingdale’s but the woman felt Sujabaubles was too edgy for the Bloomie’s target customer. 

Stella Dallas, 218 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012
After eating lunch on University Place, an area which was essentially Suze’s stomping ground in the 1960’s, keeping her in mind, I headed to one of my favorite vintage stores, Stella Dallas. I was hoping to find this vegetable-print shift dress that has been haunting my dreams ever since I stupidly passed it up the last time I was in the store, but of course it was already sold. 
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