Sunday, May 29, 2011

Artists and Fleas

Thrift floral maxi dress, Volcom sneakers, thrift denim vest, vintage Coach bag, vintage 1960's sunglasses
Artists and Fleas 70 North 7th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Open every Saturday and Sunday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the Artists and Fleas, located conveniently a block away from the Williamsburg outpost of the Brooklyn Flea. Though much smaller than its neighboring vintage market, that is not to say the quality of the finds are any less.
Gyspy Nation Vintage at Artists and Fleas 
At the right of the entrance, Gypsy Nation Vintage caught my eye immediately. The name described the store to a t, a definite mix of bohemian-rocker vibe going on there. While it’s not necessarily my personal style, I enjoyed sifting through the racks because it truly did feel like I was in some gypsy caravan (note to the owners: maybe you guys should buy an RV and travel around the country selling your vintage out of the truck around like gypsies. I’m serious! Then it would truly be a Gypsy Nation).
Anyways, I picked up this Pendleton for Opening Ceremony skirt priced at $100 and the owner told me how some rock star client of hers had worn it previously. In my opinion, the coolest thing found there was this Andy Warhol-looking button down that was calling to me. The racks were filled with interesting kaftans, vintage Betsey Johnson velvet dresses, and Southwestern-inspired tourist shirts. The jewelry was a mix of silver and mystical stones; I felt like I was in Zoe Kravitz’s closet.
Unicorn Necklaces!!

My next stop was QP & Monty. I had seen QP & Monty last summer at the Hester Street Fair, but this time I hung out with the owners Ignacio and Pamela talking to them about blogging, vintage, their dog, Monty—they’re super nice and they have some pretty unusual knick knacks (like button-covers) to check out here.  
Pamela of QP & Monty

I had too many favorites from her store but here’s a few of them:  a bandana-print maxi dress, a blue and white polka Peter Pan collar dress, and a Raggedy Ann jean jacket. I was going to buy the pink long-sleeve dress punctuated by orange flowers above, but the sleeves were tight on me so it was a no-go.
Above: My friend looking like a model for a Coca Cola ad in front of The Burger Tent.
Though the Artists and Fleas is primarily clothes and accessory-focused they did have a couple of food vendors that day. Amongst the mix was Le Petit Cupcakery, but I didn’t try any because I was off put by their bacon flavor (I seriously don’t get the bacon trend AT ALL and why someone would ruin something as magnificent as a cupcake by putting a gross piece of meat on top).
I had been looking for some kind of travel print dress for eons on Etsy and found this postcard-printed babydoll dress at Perfect Perfect Vintage, and truth be told, it is perfect.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

From left to right: taro and green tea bubble teas
Lately, it has been raining nonstop here in NYC and I’m sick of it. What happened to April showers bring May flowers? I’ve been looking forward to Spring all year to wear all of my Flower Power clothes and my newly printed yin yang t-shirts I made in art class, but it’s too cold to wear them! Instead i’ve been wearing warm sweaters and knit tights which is crazy since it's MAY. 

I made this collage in my sketchbook back in March when I was getting sick of the snow and now I use it as my refuge to think of warm, sunny days that I can spend in Central Park. I have all my spring essentials included in the collage: Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, an old ticket stub from Paris, colorful macarons, and of course, nothing says spring like my girl Martha Stewart. Really. Whenever  I think of spring, I think of Martha doing some awesome crafty project in one of her many homes with the windows wide open. Then, after, she'd wander into her garden, with her adorably chubby dogs running around her, whilest she'd pick herself an assortment of fresh veggies and lavender to use for lunch. 
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

D.I.Y. Time: Yin Yang Tank

I made this shirt in my art class by carving out a block print of a yin yang symbol and then putting it through the printing press. I absolutely love it, except I idiotically didn’t use textile ink and instead, used black water soluble ink. So essentially, this photograph documents the one time I ever will get to wear this wonderful tank top, because as soon as it goes through the wash IT WILL BE RUINED. I look happy in this photo, but I’m really crying inside.
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Antiques Garage

The Antiques Garage, 112 West 25th Street
I recently ventured to the Antiques Garages over on 25th street between 6th and 7th avenues. I’ve been there many times before, but for some reason I hadn’t been there in almost 2 years. Going back this time reignited my love for its randomness. Seriously, it’s such an oddball mix--as most flea markets are--only this one happens to be in a two floor garage.
Above is a photo from one of my favorite vendors who sold a conglomeration of these awesome 1950’s radios, old love letters, and various music and military patches.  
I stood pining over this vintage Lucite handbag for quite some time, though I didn’t end up buying it because I thought it would be weird to have a clear window inside my bag. Lucite was big on the spring ’10 runway when Prada debuted those amazing Lucite platforms, but not much has been seen in fashion since with Lucite bags. Furla has been doing clear totes this season but they’re more '90s jelly bags than Lucite. Kind of wish it would make a comeback, though… let’s make it happen.
This is my friend Mel! She purchased a Pendleton-y jacket while we were there for $25 that is almost identical to a jacket Angela Chase always wore on My So-Called Life.
PINS. Oh how I love thee. From pineapples to Hello Kitty to Nirvana, I’ve been building quite the pin collection lately. There was this one vender selling pins of Luke Skywalker, Elvis, Archie, and Duran Duran variety.
My best find was this plastic fruit necklace with matching earrings. It’s so Chiquita Banana! The guy selling them looked more like the video game-playing type than like a guy who sells vintage jewelry, but hey, that’s stereotypes for you. He had a great array of other plastic jewelry, too. Among them included a camel and cactus plastic charm bracelet, and various other plastic fruit necklaces which were calling my name and my wallet. I really wanted the one photographed above but I didn’t have $45 dollars on me…tradish.
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