Saturday, February 18, 2012

D.I.Y. Time: Candy Jewelry

My school’s cafeteria goes all out for "theme" days. For Halloween, the lights are always dimmed and the Monster Mash plays on a boom box. Every Valentine’s Day since I was Elementary School, the room is decorated in hearts streamers and posters and has a special ice cream sundae station set-up. This year for V-Day I brought in candy sweet hearts, licorice, heart lollipops and jelly beans for a project for art club to undertake. 
If you want to make any of the pieces seen in this post you’ll need these:
·         A mix of different colored pipe cleaners
·         Glue guns + extra glue sticks
·         Clear nail varnish (to put over the candy so it doesn’t rot or melt)
·         Barrette clips/headbands/picture frames (whatever you’re putting your candy onto)
·         And um, CANDY, duh!

The only sweet hearts left in CVS were internet-themed, but I thought was kind of fitting. Internet has even invaded our candy! All of the messages are really funny and sexual, as if to say, “Who needs texting when we can have a communicative relationship via candy grams?” 

Pipecleaners really do look like caterpillars

Left: barrette clip made of candy hearts Right: cuff bracelet made of jelly beans

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  2. How cool! And, wow, I totally want some candy right now. Those liquorice rings wouldn't last long on these fingers...


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