Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Like Giants

Let's Play , a film by Emily Cohn on Vimeo. Music: "I Like Giants" By Kimya Dawson

Remember the good ole' days when hanging out with your friends was called a playdate? Well, every once in a while (ok, more like every day) my friends and I get nostalgic for the time when hanging out consisted of eating candy, playing with stickers, trading wacky packages, and choosing activities from a wondrous cabinet full of board games, so we try to get back to those roots a lot. One of my best friends, Emily Cohn is really into film-making (she even interned for OCTV this summer) and had the idea to make a stop-motion video as an ode to childhood nostalgia. The storyline for the video is basically us girls having a playdate as items around the house start coming alive, dancing around us. You probably know Kimya's music from the soundtrack for Juno, but her genius extends far past that. Kimya's song “I Like Giants,” that was used in Emily's video, makes me so happy and is one of many reasons that I watch this video again and again. 
My favorite moment to make was at the 1:29 minute mark, when all of us are balancing candy corn in our mouths. When we shot the stop-motion stills for this part, Emily blasted Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi” (one of the many anthems for our play date years), which obviously spurred us to belt the lyrics, but also caused all of the candies to keep falling out of our mouths... 'twas precious to say the least.

We’re all looking matchy-matchy in Emily’s gingham clothing

I will always love my Zac Efron pin, especially because my grandma got it for me not knowing who he was and just thinking he was some nice Jewish boy that added to my Channukah present. 

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  1. YO BOO-
    this is so cute! the best part is you and katie playing patty cake with the cats chillin' in the background on the couch. also, you're so effing famous. huffington post now, NY Times next? or did that already happen?
    also feeling the collages you're posting on flickr.
    -lyr <3

  2. +my mom made one of those necklaces- lolz

  3. I know Lyrie!!! Me + you + your mom made it together in 5th grade?!? That was the first time we met!

  4. hahah! first time i met you or you met my mom?

    1. Both I think? Text me grrrl, I got a new cell so i don't have your numero but my #s the same!!


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