Saturday, March 24, 2012

Googly Eyes

This here, in the photo above, is Lyris. She is one of the coolest people I know style-wise, yes, but also in the way that she thinks. I’ve been doing lots of googly eye art lately so when we met up, I was especially excited to see that Lyris’ latest DIY project was ingeniusly glue-gunning googly eyes around her denim jean jacket pockets. 

Laugh-In/ Austin Powers Vibes up in here
Encased in the chain link fence of the 11th street Mary Help of Christians Church parking lot, is a wunderkind like no other in New York. The Avenue A flea market is virtually one of the only real flea markets in NYC, as typically, the vintage/thrift prices in New York City are jacked up because everyone thinks its “trendy” and whatnot.  
The Avenue A Fleamarket (at 11th Street) is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 5pm.

Now you can really see the extent to which my friend Lyris uses her denim jacket as a canvas. She sewed on a giant banana patch a la The Velvet Underground, a purple glitter “L” patch, and a patch that says Golden Gate on it from San Francisco. 

I’ve never heard of this band but I was really vibin’ their groovy album cover and the name “Dressy Bessy.” There were so many stands that had great deals on CDs like those by The Who, Britney Spears, Jimi Hendrix, Sonic Youth, The Grateful Dead, Josie and the Pussycats…but my personal favorite was this suspicious album called “The Poop Alley Tapes,” with no sort of official labeling. But like with a lot of the CDs we were coming across,I wanted to take a leap of faith and just purchase the CD based on the name or the album artwork, because it could either be that I discovered the best band ever, or, the worst band, but at least they had cool art to compensate, you know? 

I made Lyris buy this backpack because IT WAS $3! And also perfectly plaid! And fit all of our new CDS. 

I don’t have a VHS player, but I wish I did because this booth had some serious classics. Also, I still really want to rewatch my old Passport to Paris video that I own on VHS again and again. THANK YOU, MODERN DAY TECHNOLOGY.

Shabbat Shalom needlepoint
Among bins of shoes, I found most spectacular pair of silk chunky 90’s lavender heels. If you think it’s gross to buy used shoes then I am sorry! But also not sorry! I am unapologetically cheap and they are beautiful shoes.
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  1. Love the demin jacket!

  2. That $3 backpack is adorable! I need to go to that flea market :)

  3. HI Emma! This is probably my fav post of yours so far!!! I've ALWAYS wanted to go to flea markets/thrift stores in the states.. I'm coming to NY in June some time and would love to go thrifting! You will have to tell me where to go/COME WITH ME!! xoxo

    1. Why thank you, Minna! That's so sweet!!! AND UM, YES I would LOVE to give you recs/go with ya!!


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