Monday, October 15, 2012

Recess: Behind-the-Scenes

Photoshoot: "Recess" Model: Melkorka  Photographer: Sasha Frolova  Stylist: Emma Orlow

Photoshoot: "Recess" Model: Emily, Sophia, and Sabrina  Photographer: Sasha Frolova  Stylist: Emma Orlow

These are some behind-the-scenes photos for “Recess,” a series I did some styling for , which is featured in this month’s Rookie Magazine. “Recess” was photographed and constructed by one of my friends, Sasha Frolova, who is a seriously amazing photographer. My dinky digital shots don’t the real photos justice by any means, but my hope was to give a   better view of the outfits we used in the shoot this way. In the first day of shots, the model, Melkorka, is wearing a striped t-shirt I sewed a smiley face patch onto, floral leggings I stole from my best friend (that was a staple of her wardrobe in 3rd grade), high-top Converse, and a butt-load of barrettes and other hair accessories. In the latter, Sophia, Sabrina, and Emily are wearing our own frilly socks and chunky Mary Jane shoes, with school girl uniforms courtesy of Old Navy.  To check out the shoot in its full glory click here

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