Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big Mouth

I was trying to go for an electric blue cat-eye effect, but lessoned learned, never trust your guy friends to do your makeup. 

These photos are alla part of Danielle’s latest youth project entitled, Street Casted, which some of my friends and I got to be a part of. A while ago, you may recall I posted the behind-the-scenes for this specific shoot, but never the actual photos. So here ya go!

Normally, Danielle photographs teenagers in their natural habitats, but Street Casted for us was held in her SoHo studio. We brought in lots of our own clothes to change into. This one is of me and my best friend Emily
Nap time...
Missioni-esque tweed cardigan from the Brooklyn Flea, thrifted squiggly print dress, sushi earrings, plastic star sunglasses from my neighbor (she is a toddler and rules). 

We both coincidentally brought these lips to the shoot. Emily’s is a neon Lulu Guinness clutch, and mine is a Lisa Perry coin purse.
On the topic of big mouths, I’ll leave you with a song I’ve been dancin' to lately:

To check out more of Danielle Levitt’s work, click here.
Please note: all of the photographs in this post were taken by Danielle Levitt.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Feelin' Groovy

Left: "Live In Flower Power" Right: "McQueen In Bloom"

Left: "Self-Portrait In Flower Power" Right: "The Music Tree"
Left: "Checker Board Queen" Right: "Hearts of Palm"

Left: "Grandma Aphrodite" Right: "The Heartness Monster"


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