Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mother Earth

I’ve been fascinated with Minna Gilligan and her art ever since her first post on Rookie Magazine. So when I heard she was traveling from Melbourne to New York, I emailed her asking if she would be interested in having me be her personal tour guide. 

Both Minna and her art are like looking into a lava lamp. Minna dresses like she's from the 1970’s, informing her artwork to feel the same. She mixes these rainbow colored markings with collages, cutouts from many of the stacks of vintage 1960's/1970's catalogs and textbooks she buys from Savers, the discount chain back home in Australia, for illustrations that are pure homages to a childhood that I can only dream of. One of my favorite series are her pink tie-dyed washes that are extra trippydippy. 

Minna and I went flea-marketing at The Avenue A Flea Market in the East Village. There’s always something unusual to feast your eyes on in the East Village. This Mother Earth graffiti is one of the happiest ones, I’d say. The best part of it is the scribe of the right hand side with the list of different flowers and elixirs; I imagine it’s for a flower witch doctor or something. 

I feel like a man who wore a cocaine spoon necklace and hung out at Studio 54 in the 1970’s would have worn these. So basically everyone at Studio 54.

Super seventies housedress 

The soundtrack for the Broadway show, Follies has such inspiring album artwork. Whoever goes to The Avenue A flea market next, please find a good home for this and frame it!!!!  
In Fabulous Fanny’s, an always spectacular vintage store, I came across a rack of intricately embroidered denim bell bottoms and maxi skirts. They were all way above my price range (upwards of $250) and although I’d never seen such wacky embroidery, I can’t imagine spending that much on vintage denim. I love all of the silly phrases sewn on such as “hot lips” and “cute stuff,” and the circus-y balloons. I seriously want to meet the women who once made and wore all of these (assuming they were women) and become friends with them all. I told my mom all about the denim, and she said that in the 1960’s she was an expert embroiderer and always was embroidering peace signs and animals on her clothes and even made embroidery as gifts for her friends. I’m making it one of my summer projects to learn how to do embroider to this caliber. I think it would be amazing not only to be able to make something like this for myself, but to be able to have the trade passed down to me from my mother. 

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Psychedelic 17

A perpetual dream of mine is to have a tea party with Andy Warhol, and this is just about as close as I’ll probably ever come. I’m still in disbelief that the it happened!!! Not sure at what point exclamations lose their emphasis, but this requires lots of them. 

My house was transformed into POP Art gallery: from the Campbell’s soup cans stacked up in a pyramid to British Invasion paper plates, Warhol posters, and even Lichtenstein door stoppers that my mom used as table decorations.  My mom bought all of my favorite candies that were visually “pop,” and retro popcorn bags for movie snacks. I already had a playlist called “Vibes” on my iPod, so we were able to also jam out to Cream and The Kinks.

The best was of course THE VELVET UNDERGROUND cake! 

Though the above gifts were certainly great, strangely enough, my favorite thing I got for my birthday was getting the chance to go in my building’s basement storage. My family hadn't opened our storage unit in nearly 20 years, and so this weekend, I went down there with my dad and uncovered all of his old records from when he was in high school/college. One of my favorite ones I found was The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour. Not only is it a great album cover, but it came with 24 pages of color pictures from the film.

It seems like people who made records put so much care into and had so much fun figuring out what unique inserts could be put in their albums, let alone the  front album artwork. Take when Andy Warhol designed The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers album art. It was so controversial at the time to put an actual 3-D zipper as a way to open up the record, but obviously paid off for both The Rolling Stones and Warhol!

The gummies are supposed to match these iron-on fried egg boobs shirt that me and my bff both have.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Sockhop Flashmob

Sasha, F.Scott Fitzgerald Book Club aficionado
On Saturday, I got in my time machine and turned the dial back to a sock hop in Central Park. My friend Delilah was filming a silent film and asked us all to dress-up like were from the 1950’s. 

In the video, my job was to be part of one of the couples seen in the girl's dreams.  These are also our “DID WE REALLY JUST GET PINNED?” faces. This was followed by a scene where my friend pulled out a switchblade and carved a heart into a tree. 

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Day

I’m excited that it’s spring, because it means that I can break out all my Technicolor  dresses. Okay, so I pretty much wear dresses though the winter anyway... the difference now is that spring is a non-stop color party where I just want to dress like a packet of Skittles 24/7, you know? 
My friend Emily photographed some of these spring things, and I thought I’d share  some that we’ve come across in the past couple of weeks while hanging out. 

Rookie Magazine, back in January, ran an article about places young people get food at 2 am in NYC. I had suggested via Twitter that they scope out Big Daddy’s, which me and my friends hangout at quite a lot. It’s one of  a chain of diners in NYC, and it’s made to look as if it's forever frozen in the color portion of the movie Pleasantville. My favorite thing to get at Big Daddy’s is their Key Lime Pie Milkshake and dip French fries in it. The first time I ordered it, it was, in fact, almost 2 am. 

Me and my friend Lyrisa midst a deeply philosophical conversation. You can tell because Lyris is looking down with her eyes closed, which is the ultimate indicator of depth.

All of these spring motifs manifest in this watercolor stationary I recently made. 

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