Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer of Snazz

I just got back from San Francisco, where I was for the past week with my close friends from high school. It was seriously so much fun but definitely a different vibe than NYC. I collected some of my favorite photos we took and tried my best to put them in chronological order. 

There are many “taquerias” in the Mission but La Taqueria is the one to go to. They hands-down have the best tacos I have ever had. Plus, the owner, Miguel, is incredibly sweet (he gave me and my friends roses when we were there and heaps of free I am a little biased).  The atmosphere is also fun with their live mariachi band. Oh, and make sure to get their homemade pineapple juice!!!!!  
We have Blue Bottle in New York, but in San Francisco theirs is the real deal, because they even serve up super-delicious breakfasts to cool business people around the Union Square area every morning.
On a different day we went to Dynamo Donut for breakfast. There shop is super cute and has lots of donut-themed children books lining the back walls. Their donuts aren’t crazy shapes like Voodoo’s, but they have interesting flavors like banana + cinnamon or coconut dulce de leche. 

Later that day we went to Hayes Valley (which is where I would want to live if I lived in SF—its super cute and a mix of great cafes, bakeries, and boutiques as well as colored townhouses that line the hills of the neighborhood). Then, after walking all the way up the hills, passed Alamo Square, past the Full House house, we finally made it to the Haight. There we met up with our new friends Eva and Emily and thrifted and chatted for hours. Eva and Emily took us to Amoeba records, which I seriously could’ve spent a whole day wandering around. 

If you’re a young person in San Francisco, we’ve learned that should definitely hangout in Dolores Park and take a picnic lunch of Tartine bakery’s wonderful sandwiches (I first became obsessed with it after reading Edible Selby) along for the ride. I suggest their pecorino + almond one. Its huge and greasy but so, so worth it.

After DP-ing go to Bi-rite ice cream, everyone from SF is always freaking out about it. But then go to Humphry Slocombe (I personally think its better). 

Foreign Cinema is a restaurant/ gallery/ and drive-in movie, depending on where you sit. That night Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca was projected on the wall as we ate our meal.

At the Golden Gate Park's Rose Garden
One of my favorite takeaways from San Francisco is General Store. My friends and I have decided that we want to open up our own concept store after seeing it because General Store has cultivated such a specific and appealing aesthetic, down to their very last pickle jar. They sell clothes, harvest calendars, unusual magazines and postcards, as well as bandanas and blankets galore. The back of their store is a beautiful cactus garden that we hung out and took some photos in. 

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  1. These pictures are amazing! Looks like you had an amazing time. I really want to read that portable 60s reader


  2. Oh my gosh I need to visit San Francisco! But in the mean time I am happy to live vicariously through your pretty pictures, such carefree sixties vibes ^^

    And as always your blog is a delight, so great to see you are doing so much cool stuff!!



  3. WOW, now I really really want to go back to SF. I was dumb enough to miss the Golden Gate Park, which looks so pretty. And everything else here, really if I happen to go soon I'm adding all these places to my to-do list.


  4. These pictures are amazing! Looks like you had an amazing time.

  5. Seems like you guys had a great time! I'm kind of jealous. That sandwich looks so good omg. The donuts look really good too. The whole vibe of your trip is pretty perfect. You group of close friends seems really nice.

  6. photos❤

  7. wow, you had an amazing time! <3

  8. Lovely pictures!!
    The cutest picture is, when you people are getting selfie... !!


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